Monday, January 29, 2018

Thaipusam starts tonight

Thaipusam celebrations officially starts tonight as the chariot will leave kl for batu caves tonight at 10pm. This year there's an additional golden chariot bearing #kottumalaipillayar
#temple #ganesha who will join the procession only for this year. 

Like I said I've been photographing the whole celebration for the last 12 years and here's how the chariots looked since 2006. Look out for the 2016 chariot. Most people didn't realize there was a change on the way back. 

That's coz there are enthusiastic people like me who will go and mumble to the youth group about the decoration. I love the big Om and I'm glad it was retained. I remember one year I had a serious discussion with one of the Annes against using long tubelights and to stick to white or gold colour. The next year I got my wish of white colour bulbs and no tube lights again. Yes a lot of thought goes in to the decorations and preparation for the festival. 

So to those enthusiasts like me, let's hope we get the chariot in the colours we like. :) 😍😍 we will know in less than 4 hours 

By the way you can check out V-eyez for a glimpse of past years Thaipusam photos which are now in a photobook

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ashok said...

wow awesome photographs!