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Vikram Vedha

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Do not read - SPOILERS ahead
Around 30 minutes into the movie, Vijay sethupathis awesome intro scene starts and at that point you will realise this is no ordinary cop and thief movie. What a scene it was. If you are a fan of the actor (which I am), you would recognize him from his trademark lazy stroll.
But it is #madhavan that makes the first entry as Vikram the cop in a brilliant shoot out. The first scene is important, for there are many clues in that scene which finally helps solve the story.
Vedha is the story telling ghost in the movie. And the first story is the most important one.
The movie follows the concept of the #vikramadithyan and the vetaal ghost stories. Those who have read Amar Chitra Katha books will know the story of the king who captures a ghost for a sorcerer. The ghost tells him a story and asks him a question. Everytime the king breaks his silence and answers, the ghost escapes.
His first act as a rowdy is such a psychological game play. And that is who vedha is, he is always the mastermind and instigator. Like the devil who whispers in your ears, creating doubt and making you question things. But is the devil wrong to make you question things that are not as black and white as you assume it is?
Refusing to talk to anyone, vedha only opens up to Vikram, planting the first seeds of doubt on what is good and bad through a flashback story with hidden clues and riddles for Vikram to solve. His first story spans 13 years and talks about him and his brother - pulli.
The movie has been brilliantly written and directed by the husband and wife team of Pushkar And Gayathri who have only 3 movies to their credit in 10 years! (need to go watch them!). On one hand you have this awesome thriller unfolding and then you have the brilliant crisp script with catchy phrases wrote perfectly for each character. Characters both actors have lived as. Actually everyone has done a great job in their respective characters. Everyone had a role to play, including the parotha and athu Kari.
Vikram continues till the very end to be the weapon by first his commending officer and finally by vedha. Yes he too becomes Vedha weapon, sprouting his lines from the first story at the climax. But it's not that Vikram isn't smart (he uncovers missing parts of the plot for vedha), he just isn't diabolically brilliant. Every story Vedha tells has clues in it and surprising twists. Including how vedha hires Vikrams wife as his lawyer. Vedha tells 3 stories that go 13 years back, then 2 years and finally 6 months.
One of my favourite scenes is neither of theirs though. It is when, Chandra, pullis girlfriend slaps him back for slapping him. What a character she was and unapologetically so. Played by Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, she does brilliantly even to her end. Watch her eyes in the last scene, there are clues even there. That girl deserves a movie of her own.
You will laugh and clap at the script in a story that didn't need a comedian to add irrelevant jokes. You sit there gripped to your seat, playing back parts of the previous scene in your mind while enthralled in the current frame. And you will have to go back many more times to piece the broken puzzle that shapes the movie. The clue to the climax was scattered around the film right from the beginning. Vikram remains true to his character till the very end, the honest cop but who now sees the shades of grey between both worlds. The women are strong and not hidden in the background or mere smiling, hip swaying props that kollywood loves. Vikrams wife Priya stands out as a brilliant lawyer refusing to given up her career for her husbands case and thus ensues a dilemma between husband and wife on where home and work ends.
The ending was a cliffhanger that had me go nooooo. I really hate cliffhangers but perhaps this will be the opening for a second movie so poor old vedha can finally tell his love story that no one wants to hear. Also there's a gap of 11 years between the first and second story. Much story to tell there.
Even their catchy item song tasukku by Sam C, didn't need an item girl to have us tapping our feet as vedha dances with Cheta. 😂 I loved the music especially Karupu vellai. Each song and lyrics was apt to the movie. There were many misleading details added in to confuse the audience. Like the use of goons from kerala puts in the assumption that they were hired by Cheta but that's not it. The weapon that vedha nurtured in Madhavan explodes precisely in clarity at the climax as he spews the same lines Vedha told him in his first story. The transformation was now complete.
And so I can happily quote Vijay sethupathis with a line from another movie of his - kumutha happy anachi, kumutha happy. 😀

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@ashok I actually did. was a really good movie. Really liked how they did that movie. Sad though that they were not recognised in any way.