Thursday, July 27, 2017


Watched #dunkirk the #ww2 movie yesterday #visreviews 

Now go watch it if you enjoy ww2 related movies. don't go coz its a christopher nolan movie coz it isn't his usual kind. its pretty straight forward but interestingly you wont see a single nazi in the movie. and this movie looks at the failure of the Allied army at that time and how they were saved by fishermen from britain. the movie doesnt have big war scenes but focuses on the soldiers struggle to survive. Also pilots get a more significant role in this movie. 

However do note that ww2 movies might give you a glimpse of a story but is not an actual representation of history. in this case Nolan as well as with most hollywood directors, the contribution of indian soldiers are not even portrayed. historically indians fought on both sides in ww2 - as soldiers under the raj and as rebel soldiers under #ina - the independence movement led by subash chandra bose. INA fought alongside the japanese against the white mans colonisation. 

Unfortunately the same japanese sent to their death, millions of indians who worked to build the death railway. their names, numbers and even death were never recorded by the japanese nor are there memorials for them at ww2 sites. 

Indians fought at Monte Cassino. They were there at Bir Hachiem, Tobruk, El Alamein, Singapore, Hong Kong. And they were there from where it all began -Dunkirk. 

So if you do watch it, come back and read up on the actual history and articles talking about it. 

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