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Adiwiraku - my superheroes

Yesterday I watched the #malaysianmovie#adiwiraku - wanted to catch it on another day until i realised yesterday was the last day the movie was showing in most theaters. today onwards theres only about 5 theatres showing it.

I roughly knew the story as its based on the true life story of Cheryl Ann Fernando who left her job to join #teachformalaysia and become a teacher. i had briefly followed her story earlier. 
now the movie will touch your hearts. you will love the kids, you will love the two teachers, you will cry, you will be sad, you will laugh. 

iqbal, khairi and imran were my favourites. 

there was just a few people in the theatre but we all ended up just sitting there and watching the credits. we were moved by the movie, saddened and probably reflecting on our own privileged lives. 

yes we are very privileged. these kids like many poor rural kids, have very little money, food or even support and most of all people who believe in them. i have written on this many times. while our education system has its issues, what we are not taking into account is that just attending school doesn't create students. its much more complicated then that. you have kids that can barely read.

which is why i get upset with people who put down others for bad english. that person might not have had the same priviliges that you did. there is no need to mock someones language, instead if you are that concerned, help them privately. 

poverty, family situations, hunger eventually leads to kids dropping out of schools at 14/15. some work, some end up in a life of crime. 

Please go watch the movie, its a simple well taken #Malaysian story with a very deep meaning.

its still playing in midvalley. please do support such beautiful local movies. 

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