Thursday, June 08, 2017

Wonder Woman

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Have you watched #wonderwoman - i hope you managed to catch it

i had been waiting for the movie so long - i went and watched it on the very first day. and it was omg so good - the photo you see above is my favourite scene.

one of the things i realised from watching the movie was - this is who you become if you grew up in a gender biasless world. A world where you are not told - you are a women you cant do that. you are a women you are weaker than men, you are a woman, so you must behave like one, you are a women, know your place.

because she grew up in such an environment, it doesnt even occur to her that the men are shocked that she dared to walk into the ww1 meeting. her confidence shines throughout the movie.

this was one movie where any girl or women will come out feeling empowered.

So do bring your daughters or the women in your life to watch the movie. let them feel empowered too

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