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Bahuballi 2

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I hope you got to watch the movie of the week. I ended up going on a crazy goose chase trying to get tickets at the last minute on Saturday. Most of the shows were sold out in my usual theatres of choice in the Klang Valley. Luckily good old #pjstate came to the rescue and we got tickets.

The movie was epic, loved so many things about it minus some funny unbelievable stunts at the end. (insert laugh at that flying of the Palm tree scene). The storyline was brilliant, I loved the sneaky mind tricks of #palavadevan Rana Daggubati. It was like watching him play chess, as each of his moves pushed him to the desired check mate - to be crowned king. The brilliance of his mind and his practiced patience was so well portrayed.

#ramyakrishnan as Sivagami shines in her role right from the first movie. Despite the storyline she continued to be an amazing character in this epic series.

Every character from Satyraj to Nasser stood out in their respective roles. I did feel that the movie was a bit rushed but there was just so much that needed to be told without having a plot hole so it is unfortunately an edit that was needed.

To be honest I would love to see more epic warrior fight dance scenes between Prabas and Anushka.
The songs were pretty disappointing though, nothing left a lasting impression. What I loved was that Swan ship and the mammoth castles - one Swan like n the other a majestic elephant.

I must mention the spectacular jewelry and costumes in the movie. I had earlier read articles on how the sarees were custom made for the movie. But I thought those jewellery outshined the costumes. So much attention has gone to details. The graphics were pretty good as well, and might I say one of the best I've seen in an Indian movie. Anyone who is sitting and criticising them must have some hell of a standard.

But most of all I loved both the two strong female portrayals in the movie. Anushka #anushkashetty was just brilliant as the female warrior princess. Her never-ending passion to better herself was inspiring. She didn't need saving and was instead more concerned on saving others. Hers was a character... (cont in comments)

Hers was a character role female actresses rarely get in this industry. She didn't need to be demure and docile nor limited to singing (though she does that too). I am so glad the director #ssrajamouli made such strong female characters.

And then he crafts a hero that is so rare in indian cinema. I loved Bahubali. Here was this talented, people loving hero who was humble and dutiful but most of all who respected and treated women as equals.

The photo I've shared is from the scene where he finally reveals himself to Devasena as a warrior and teaches her to shoot more than one arrow at a time. The choreography of that scene is amazing as they both get in sync and start fighting together. Just as he is in sync with kattapa.

Instead of being intimidated by the strong, smart and talented woman that #devasena was, Baahubali instead saw her as an equal and wanted her to grow in strength with him. That scene was a perfect example of what equal partnership between genders are and how mutual respect only benefits each other.

Despite being the crown prince of a much bigger empire, he listens to her concerns and promises to guard her dignity and her right to choose and defends it to his mother - the powerful and brilliant #Sivagami

I read a review that the movie gave an Amar Chitra Katha feel. I don't know why that sounds like an insult because it is time that those legends, stories and epic stories of Indias past are made into movies. India is so rich with stories and history that is barely touched on screen. I hope Bahubalis success will see more south Indian cinema makers taking the stories of Hoysala, Kalinga, Cheran , Chola, Pandiyan, Chalukya and many more to the Silver screen. Hollywood keeps remaking King Arthur and we keep celebrating it. Shouldn't we be tapping into our history for much more dramatic untold stories?

So do go watch the movie. I am dying to find the first movie, so I can watch that and this back to back again.

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