Friday, August 19, 2016

Good luck LCW, no matter what we MALAYSIANS are behind you

Tonight the world will witness one of the most celebrated rivalry in the history of badminton.
Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan
Our very own Lee Chong Wei or as we fondly refer to as LCW, is ranked no 1 worldwide while Lin Dan stands at third.
Yet there is a very interesting chemistry between both and what we Malaysians call the most nerve wrecking game.
If you watched LCW quarter finals game, you'll realise he is cool as a cucumber on the court. Yet its like theres a mental block everytime he meets Lin Dan who has won most of the games they have played against in.
Every single time they get together, it is so nerve wrecking, I am refusing to watch tonights game as I don't think I can take the pressure.
But I want Lee Chong Wei to win this game, and I am going to sit somewhere and read tweets and hope he wins.
I want Lee Chong Wei to retire with an Olympic gold medal. And that was why I like many other Malaysian was rooting for Indias Srikanth when he met Lin Dan in the QF.
This is his and Lin Dan's last Olympic. This game is one of those semi finals that are greater that the finals. one of those semi final meets that we hope were Finals but alas fate often doesn't give us what we want.
Lee Chong Wei is a hero for every Malaysian. Regardless of the outcome tonight, he has our hearts. He has throughout his career been an absolute inspiration.
I met him a few years ago during a Merdeka parade. He was a quiet, humble man who obliged every fan who rushed to take a photo with him. And that is why I hope he gets his Olympic gold. He more than deserves it.
Good luck LCW, no matter what we MALAYSIANS are behind you.

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