Wednesday, November 04, 2015


My very bizarre morning.

Yesterday I went to temple to pray. And then I saw his caravan driving in. So I hung around hoping to see him. 

So at one point the caravan changed location. So I walked towards the direction and was standing at the side when a car stops next to me and the door opens and behold thalaiva is sitting inside and about to get dow├▒.

Yes he was just there right in front of me. I blinked for a second and then I remembered I had a gift for him

The thing is its a photo of Batu Caves Murugan. Nambeh ooru nyavagarthama, nambu oooru murugan kuduhkanumnu nenechen. 

I wanted to give him Our Murugan in memory of Malaysia.
I never expected to give it to him in Batu Caves itself!

I quickly gave it to him and everything else is a blur. He took it said thank you. After that I froze for a bit and then I said can I get a photo he said, illahpa crowd vandhrum and the security came and took him. And only then I remembered to take out the camera and took some photos and a video. And then I just froze. again.

His car stopped right in front of me!!! Omg!!
This was the gift I gave Rajni sar. I still can't believe I gave it to him at Batu Caves itself. I've been taking it with me everywhere since 30th in case I met him.

Our Murugan is ever playful. Look what games he plays! I was supposed to go on Friday but couldn't. I went on Saturday to Melaka and couldn't find him. I found the crew in Brickfields but not him. 430 kms later I find him at the temple whose photo I wanted to gift to him.
Nee engeh vehnalum suthu but kadhisiyah ehn kovilku than varuhnumnu Murugan sohnar maari iruhku!

No matter where you go, you're only going to see him at my temple!

What games he plays. 
Nee naduthu pa Muruga. 

Murugaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa thank you. I love you Muruga. 

Here's a recap of the day - its still such a blur 

Dont ask me why we were thanking each other. We were just standing and staring while some of us remembered to take pictures and videos. it was so so calm and we were awestruck. Ive seen countless videos of his stay here, but this is one of the few calm moments we've had with him. it was so so surreal, calm yet we were all awestruck. 

He tried his best to wave at everyone and was ever smiling. But security has been tightened and they do have a movie to shoot. 

At this point he was telling us like a father, ingeh than pa shoot, nah ingeh than pa iruhpehn. The shoot is here only, I'm here only. So we finally let him go into the caravan and waited. 

At one point the crew told us if we wanted to hang around we can sit or walk around but must make sure we didnt look at him. So I might even be in the far background of the movie - lol. But look at Rajni sir, in between shoots, he would sit outside in the hot sun and refused umbrellas. Seriously even more amazed with the man. I was sitting quite far from him at this point but we moved closer at one point. At that point the director called for him and he rushed towards him. That man walks so fast and I went sir again and waved and he smiled back and waved again. We could learn the value of time from him. No airs whatsoever. And ever obliging to us fans.

By the last shoot session, throngs of people started heading to the temple. 

Ithu anbal serndha kootam. That's what I was reminded off everytime I saw pictures or videos of fans waiting for him at shoots or the hotel. Its crazy. 

And yet the sweet man stood on his car through the roof so he could wave to us. And he stood a good half a KM along paths filled with people. 

I still can't believe I saw him and all this happened. I saw him at three different times. I had a good 5 minutes just talking and staring at him in the most calmest situation. 

Omg omg I saw thalaivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 

Ps: no stealing the photos and no cropping the trademark out! 

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Just happened to stop by to see if this blog is active...and it is! Kudos to your discipline, 11+ years is a pretty special of dedication to blogging :)

ashok said...

Happy for u !

ashok said...

Hi Tm...whats up? Are u still around?