Monday, November 02, 2015

2nd attempt, half pass

#kabali 2nd attempt, half pass.
I found the crew! But not Rajni sar :( #huntforrajni #kabaliinmalaysia

They were shooting side actor scenes in #brickfields

The shoot was happening at Nu Sentral and involved a few actors. I shall not share anything else but it was a brief scene. I was talking to the crew for a bit and at one point became unofficial crowd chaser. I demand an opportunity to see Rajni for my selfless act! - lol

You can see director Pa Ranjith here with some of the camera crew.

I'm making a black and white series of my hunt for Rajni around Malaysia. Hopefully I will see him finally.

The only photos in colours will be photos of Rajni himself.

The hunt continues.

ps: no stealing and cropping the photo.

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