Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Rajnikanth mania in Malaysia

If you are a Tamil movie fan there's no way you would have not heard of Rajnikanth. 

Now here's why we Tamil Malaysians are so excited, as far as i can remember the last time he shot a movie here was in 1978! Heck I wasn't even born then. 

The movie Priya, is a classic among Indian Malaysians as it was shot here and the songs even had Malay and a Malay actress in a heroine role - Aznah Hamid.

Its taken him 37 years to come back to Malaysia to shoot and that's why theres such a frenzy everywhere. Although he was here to launch Endhiran, he hasn't (as far as I can recall) shot a movie here. 

At some point I hope to be able to see his shoot and this time may i not freeze as i did when he passed me as he was leaving Endhiran launch in 2010. 

Rajni in Malaysia 

Now we know why they used a Hello Kitty Limo - that is one plush limo

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