Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Irresponsible Drivers - yes YOU

I like to drive fast. Driving was one of the things I wanted to do since I was a kid. But I have stopped driving fast in the last decade. Simply because nearly everyday someone tries to kill me on the road. And the worse part is, I rarely drive at peak hours! I go into work late and leave later just to avoid mad Malaysian drivers.
You cut as you wish.
You hit the breaks as you wish.
You're fiddling on your phone while driving.
You try to get into the third lane from the first at breakneck speed.
You stop wherever you wish.
You speed in parking lots.
You speed in residential areas.
You don't use signals.
You run traffic lights.
You speed the car when the light turns yellow.
You complain if you get summoned forgetting you broke the law.
You complain if there's a road block.
You don't wear seat belts.
Your passengers don't wear seat belts.
Your kids don't sit in car seats.
You don't give way and equally speed up to irresponsible drivers.
You go in and out of traffic thinking you're some daredevil driver.

Did you know you can die of accidents even if you're just driving at 20 km/h if you're not wearing a seatbelt?
Did you see how far that poor baby was flung out of the car? There was no way she was inside a car seat. 
Did you see how far the parents were flung out?
If I saw people racing on the road, I would back down and clear myself from their path. There's something called driving slower to avoid maniacs.

That CCTV clearly shows the pajero also speeding. You know why? Its bloody ego! No care for whoever is in the car coz you think it WON'T happen to me! 

YOU have a choice to BACK Down. YOU have a responsibility to your passengers who trusted their lives in your hands.

More Malaysians die on the road everyday because we are bloody irresponsible idiots.
Look in the mirror and ask yourself if you've never done any of this???

No use crying when people are dead.
No use blaming others when we're as irresponsible.
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