Wednesday, April 01, 2015

How to beat GST

Do you know theres a way to minimise gst effect - start cooking at home. all fresh food is zero gst rated. and most times you can cook better too. the number of times i have been dissapointed with overpriced salmon dishes outside is unbelivable. which is why i cook them at home.

but seriously think about it - every restaurant is going to hike up prices coz of the domino effect of gst and then above that you're going to get charged gst. we often pay for mediocre food coz its easily available. my friends overseas where gst has been charged for years and where eating out is too expensive, have a habit of cooking and packing lunches.

its not too hard also and way healthier. the truth is we're all bloody lazy, me included. things like cus cus can be prepared like in minutes if you need carbs. like just pour hot water, add butter and salt and tadah you have carbs. rice also cooks pretty fastla. one meal dishes are super easy to prepare like my favourite kunyit stir fry.

you know so many places screw up that beautiful dish? like seriously la!!

there are group buys for a lot of fresh food on fb, join one and buy in bulk for better prices as well.

anyway time to start rethinking how we do things - the stingy one in me is rearing its head lol

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