Monday, March 30, 2015

The struggles of a book nerd ;p

OMG this is so me!  The struggles of a book nerd

1 and 13 - is my biggest dilema all the time - especially when packing for trips! 

2 and 3 - troy, troy was so screwed up for me. throughout the movie i went, no thats not it, NOOOOOOOOO (in between ogling over brad pitt ;p

5, 14 - this is why i am not allowed to buy books and then i bought half a bag full in Hyderabad - hummm ;p

7 and 8 - this gets me like arggg 

9, 10 - hello you crazy is it

11 - ahha

15 - when i moved, all the boxes had books in it, half full so the movers wouldnt break their backs, and yet one box still broke and the movers went WTH is in here??? ;p 

22 - ahha happened before and i dont care ;p 

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