Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hello 2015

Yes hello there.

So I haven't been here for sometime. well to be honest its easier to post on social media FB, Twitter or Insta - so you can follow me in one of these places.

I turned another year older but I'm glad to report people still think i'm 26/27. yes lol. So yayy to that.

2014 was crazy. that's the best word to describe it. Super highs on one side, super lows on another. By the end of it, I just wanted to move along like can we just go. So the birthday went uncelebrated as we grappled with another set of tragedies.

Thank god I was away travelling coz this is how those few last days went, everytime I got back to the hotel, I would cry after reading the updates of the floods and plane crash.

The thing is I had just traveled through those places in the beautiful state of Kelantan. they are such wonderful people so it was painful to see what they were going through. But ah Malaysians, you made my heart soar, such show of solidarity as so many scrambled to do something for them and many actually went to the states to help.

Of course 2015 doesn't seem to want to tone down. it has been a whirlwind of craziness.

Ah but I travelled so much in 2014, going to places i have wanted to go.

There was the music season in Chennai for the annual birthday trip which included multiple opportunities to watch Rajesh Vaidhya. My god what a birthday it was in 2013 to sit two rows from the stage and watch him play. and of course by mid year the whole count of number of times i've watched him live increased as he turned up in KL not once but twice! i was sitting next to a music teacher I know for one of the concerts and we kept going - omg omg omg. which coincidentally i have in recording ;p lol

Then Thaipusam came and went and I have yet to finish editing the photos - it has been such a busy year.

Then there was the short trip to Perak to shoot a dance arangetram and a stop at Ipoh.

Then there was the trip to Kolkata/ Varanasi. Okay this time i barely stopped at Kolkata. But my second trip to Varanasi was amazing. slightly quieter as it wasn't Shivarathri but still pretty amazing. My flower boy still remembered me and he now speaks wonderful english as compared to a year back. Oh i got interviewed for a Singapore channel, the show aired somewhere in the mid year.

Then there was the trip to Kota Kinabalu. oh how i had missed those islands. Of course i had to get into some drama. How else do you explain getting locked up by the bus driver in a bus? i still think he thought i was a ghost. still at least the KK cops were entertained when i called them for help to save me! ;p

Dammit i miss snorkeling!!

Then I stopped travelling mostly for the World Cup. Omg what a world cup, so many upsets, my poor poor Brazil. I'm still getting teased about that by the way!

Life, work got crazy, too many things going on at the same time. Like i said crazy year.

The gopro has become a daily cam, making it easy to take and upload photos asap and it is so funnnnn. Which means i have posted more photos it than those taken on the dslr. and on some trips i didn't even take the dslr.

This years independance day celebration was a blast not as filled with military but still pretty awesome.

Then I began the non stop travelling spree. First up was beautiful Kelantan - such a beautiful state. from beautiful kerala like backwater canals to beautiful ww2 bridges in the middle of no where to getting caught in a crazy storm before heading to the beach. yeah it was and omg i had nasi dagang. the most yummiest thing ever. sigh how to get nasi dagang here? how? how? how?

Then Navarathri came. Ah what a beautiful time - my favourite festival.

Oh i also did two photo exhibitions last year, got featured in a paper and mag i think. also thanks to getting forced, i made my first photobook in 2 days! yes two days! like was i crazy or what - anyway it needs some reworking coz the text turned out gigantic ;p hehhehe

Then it was the lazy trip to Seminyak, Bali. Well all i do at the beach is hit the water or laze around reading a book. it was my first ime on a surf beach where i was sitting and jumping mad waves ;p That wave in the picture was twice my height! HOly moly!

But of course drama follows and I nearly drowned in a pool coz of a stupid girl. Omg i can finally say it - stupid, stupid girl. i seriously wanted to slap her for her stupidity. I travel the world alone and have never drowned and this happens. haish - some people are just too stupid.

The much awaited Myanmar trip to Yangon and Bagan happened in October. Oh I loved that country and its people. so refreshingly nice and sincere. Bagan was so stunning, and watching the sun rise and set is seriously what an amazing experience, especially the sunrise.

Then there was the quick trip to Singapore to watch Anil Srinivasan in concert and to meet my long lost friend. Wow that was one amazing concert.

For once I managed to be in KL on Christmas itself. Haven't done that for sometime. And KLCC out did itself in the decoration. What a sight. I walked out of the mall and gasped at this sight.

I ended the year in Hyderabad for the annual birthday holiday. Ah i love that city. the weather is so lovely in December. You can just sit outside in the garden and read a book and you won't sweat at all. I kept stopping at places just so i could enjoy the weather. and it would get chilly at night and I'd have to wear a sweather! The city with the perfect weather. Fear not Hyderabad folks, I have been told by numerous folks that this is only a few months thing! but still ;p

The Nizam's have built some amazing structures and i managed to visit others outside the city and in the much hotter parts of the United States of Andhra!!! Hehehe the trademark to that phrase belongs to a friend whom i promptly told - I'm stealing it!

Oh and the city has better taste in clothes than Chennai with its jang overdone gold big prints that drive me crazy.

Anyway as you can see the year has been busy and you're better off following me on Instagram where I post something nearly everyday than look for updates here.

Till the next post then. No promises.

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But this is where all the memories are. Came here accidentally after sometime. Great to read about your photographic achievements. Best wishes.