Monday, July 07, 2014

And there were four

What a world cup it has been. 

Though we’ve had a number of yawner games like the recent Netherlands vs Costa Rica. Seriously should have got up at freaking extra time to watch the game. That was how boring it was! 

But Van Gaal proved his worthiness as a coach when in the last minute he made the psychological change that led to his sides victory. Tim krul is not known for penalty saves! Yet Costa Rica didn’t know it and all the trash talking he did made a dent as you could see the players tremble before taking the penalties. 

Costa Rica were an admirable team but they weren’t better than the Dutch. Defence wise, Navas and the defenders were super brilliant. Quite an amazing display. But that’s the other sad part. We’ve seen some amazing goal keeping this time around but these amazing goalkeepers are out – Ochoa – the Mexican Wall, Tim Howard – Captain America made 16 saves in one game!, the Algerian keeper Rais M’Bohli who was fasting during that last game by the way. 

Germany played their usual boring game but they did what I was rooting for them to do, beat France! Woohoo no jinx meeting of France and Brazil. 

And then there are my Brazilians who nearly drove me to a heart attack in their last two games. Phew that penalty shootout against Chile was so drama. I had my own drama at the place I was watching it but lets leave that for another day.

The Game against Colombia was a brawl in the making. So many fouls and don’t you dare come and tell me it was just the Brazilians coz I have the stats and a detailed article proving otherwise. 

Both sides had one aim – the number 10s. Neymar on one side, James Rodriguez on the other with Neymar being so badly attacked, he’s now totally out of the worldcup! Brawls aside I cannot help but love the Columbians for all the dancing they do. Oh how ive watched them dance everytime they celebrate a goal and at their homecoming! 

You Brazil haters can go play far far. And the referee was on no ones side, he should have carded both sides on many occasions but didn’t do so. Wheres the card for injuring neymar??

Ah but what brilliant two goals. Silva at the right place and putting in that unbelievable opportunistic goal and then David Luiz with his WTH long range free kick. Wow what amazing precision. 

And what brilliant display of respect. David Luiz and Alvez comforting James Rodriguez and asking the crowd to cheer him must be one of the best moments of this worldcup. 

Sadly we are at a very worrying point. Silva is suspended and Neymar is out. I am more concerned about Silva being out as he was good for team morale and more of the connector and play maker for the team than of Neymar. Neymar was everywhere but he was also heavily marked by everyone. Poor guy, the video of him giving hope to his team and the supporters is just heartbreaking. 

This has been one trying worldcup for them. When they played docile, they were criticised, when the attacked full force they were again criticised. Nothing seems to have pleased anyone. The truth is the team is a pretty well rounded team. They don’t have only one scorer, anyone can score. Cesar isn’t a bad goalie, but he isn’t great either. I would call them a team that needs each other and not one that relies on one or a few stars which was the undoing of many teams. 

Take Argentina, only Messi has really shined and the whole team kinda depends on him. Germany seems to need Klose’s magic every now and then and he sure does give magic. Colombia again had James Rodriguez. Mexico, USA, Costa Rica, Algeria all had one thing in common wall like goalkeepers with gazillion hands or something ;p

Netherlands have average defenders and goalkeeper but they thrive on amazing striking capabilities, experience and of course all that diving Robben does. ;p running joke Krul got diving lessons from Robben ;p
Which is why I still have hope on Brazil. But then I’m that fan that has never given up on her team, who has seen them in their best and worst and still comes out to support them.

So its up to Scolari to create magic. Believe in yourself Brazil, Jogo Bonito, you can do it. No matter what I have truly enjoyed this young sides playing despite all their shortcomings and I believe we will see more magic from most of this bunch in the next world cup as well. 

ps: by the way theres a string of links related to these bits and pieces in my twitter, head there especially during the matches ;p

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