Friday, June 13, 2014

What a game!

And no, not coz of Brazil but because of Crotia. Stand up and give them a resounding round of applause.

I’m a football fan and not a blinded one.

That was in no way great playing by Brazil. They fumbled, looked blur, were playing passing ball with the Croatian Goalie Pletikosa and were practically lost on the field!

Croatians on the other hand were headstrong in wanting to win over the favourites and that first unfortunate own goal by Marcelo – will go down in history as the biggest WTH moment. That’s the first goal of the season ok!!

And quoting a friend

Brazil had many firsts - First match…..First goal….. First Corner….First Penalty…..First own goal….First Yellow Card ;p

The game was nail biting to say the least and exactly what I had wanted. Thank you football gods for the scoring feast!

The referee on the other hand was an oddball. That penalty shouldn’t have been awarded! Having said that Neymar did a good job on that count, his first goal was good too. And I don’t think Neymar deserved a yellow card either but it set the tone for the game.

However he was not the life saver for Brazil it was the tireless Oscar @ Oscaros Santos Emboaba Júnior who should be praised. He never stopped trying to create opportunities for Brazil and that goal was brilliant.

Another friend pointed out that his goal reminded him of Ronaldo’s tipping point goal in the finals against Germany in 2002. Go read this minute by minute account and see how many opportunities Oscar created.

Relive those glorious goals by Ronaldo in 2002 here. Now that is what Joga Bonito is about.

Oscar’s goal is here

My fear this year was the team was too young, less experienced and probably over their head with fame. This time they were just lucky lady luck was smiling at them.

No matter what I will be supporting them. I hope they get the pep talk of their lives. I’m also now hoping they will take another strategy as this game was supposed to be the easier one. They’re in for hell in round 16, quarters and semis if they reach there that is.

Let’s see, I’ll talk strategy tomorrow.

I haven’t picked my annual underdog team, but the Croatians have clearly given a resounding don’t underestimate us. Kudos to them. You might have not won the match, but you won the game!

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