Saturday, June 14, 2014

Holy Dutch

What started of as a boring game, ended as a – holy dutch encounter!
Wow 5-1, yes world and all that missed the game, the dutch scored 5-1!!!

Football gods – I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Thank you for the goal feasts and I will thank you everyday if you continue giving us such goal feasts ;p me likey.

Again referee was a pain. Missing moments of shoving which deserved yellow cards and instead awarding dubious penalties. THAT was another penalty that shouldn’t have been awarded! But good penalty by Xabi Alonso.

And as I tweeted,

2014 will be known as the year of dubious penalties *rolls eyes

Most of the first half was focused at the Dutch goal post. The Spaniards had most of the goal possession and were trying their best to attack from all sides. I was just going to say Cassilas, the Spanish Goalie is probably swatting flies on the other side when the flying Dutchman Robin van Persie flew in unexpectedly intersepting Blinds pass and headed in an amazing goal at the 44th minute. The goal came out of nowhere and took Casillias and the world by surprise and it wasn’t the only surprise for the night. That first goal was golden, so so amazing.

What was cute though was seeing Persie run half the field towards his coach and high fiving him! Now that is a sign of great partnership.
But the ball possession in the first half returns to the Spaniards in the beginning of the second half and probably had the Dutch goalie thinking – eh hello there’s two goal posts in this game!

Minutes later Arjen Robben scores another unexpected goal, no one saw that coming it was that brilliant. They barely had interactions with Cassilas till then. Wow wow.

Cassilias redeems himself for a bit by deflecting a goal attempt in time, hes all alert this time or so we think. And then Stefan de Vrij sneaks in a goal. You have to watch that goal again. It was literally snucked in! ;p
By now the game had taken a turn and was getting exciting and unbelievable by the minute.

Casillas was having such a bad time, he even got a yellow card ;p poor guy, he was getting hoodwinked by the Dutch all game long!

And then Persie charges in taking advantage of Casillas blunder and scores the FOURTH goal!!! And we all go wilddddddddddd

You know at that point Persie could have fallen and rolled over the grass but instead he trips a bit, circles around and scoressssssssssss!!!

Casillas looked as if he was wondering how he would go back to Spain. I tweeted.

Cassillas worry not, you can move to Netherlands, you will get a heros welcome there for being so friendly to the dutch ;p heheh

I was just gonna tweet, coach takes persie out to give Spain some Mercy when Robben scores another unbelievable FIFTH goal. Yes Fifth!!!!

And what an awesome, awesome goal. Robben comes flying in outrunning Spanish defenders and shuffels the ball around before he finally scores! And at that point one of the two defenders was actually trying to pull him back! It should have been another yellow card for the Spannish!

This was my favourite goal of the game, it was so unbelievably brilliant and funny all at once.

Go go I beg you rewatch the goal highlights below – it is so brilliant!

I believe the Dutch are going to be a pleasure to watch this time around, that is if they continue to play like in the second half. Dutch's winning point - theres this awesome connection between coach and players, who runs half the field to high five the coach otherwise?

The combination of Blind, Robben and Persie is one deadly combination. Oh what fun this has been. Loving World Cup 2014 so far ;p 

Full account of match here.

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ashok said...

so who do u think will lift the cup visit?

Visithra said...

@ashok - ill write on that soon, after watching the latest matches, i believe brazil still has blazing chances ;p as i've noticed the weakness of the other teams ;p