Friday, June 20, 2014

England still has hope! ;p

Bizarre but true and all their hope lies on Italy!

If Italy wins its next two games against Uruguay and Costa Rica, England will need to score 2 goals against Costa Rica to advance to Round 16. 

But cheeky Fifa as always has placed all the last two group matches to run concurrently. Which means even if England wins (I doubt they will by the way ;p), there should be nail biting agony if Italy is still not leading by then ;p

Spain on the other hand have no hope whatsoever. I’ve tried multiple possibilities but the results are still the same, Bye Bye Spain.

It’s looking to be a Dutch group B topper and Chille in 2nd spot at the moment. Though if Chile wins the match against the Dutch, they will top Group B. Interesting last match for Group B there.

Ill talk about Brazil in the next post and the weakness in the other teams. 

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