Monday, May 26, 2014

Kochadaiyaan: Could have been great but..

That's what came to my mind while i was watching the movie yesterday.

I so wished the movie had not been an animated story and instead was a real life story where we would have seen Thalaiva strut in all his glory in every scene. I loved the story and the way she taken the movie, there wasn't any draggy scenes, things flowed well.

Either the movie wasnt ready to be released or half way the animation work had changed hands. that's the only way to explain the bizarre animation difference. if you look at the background, the palaces - things look stunning shot by shot. and theres a vast difference of the animation of the flashback of Kochadaiyaan as opposed to the robotic movements during rana's scenes. What happened? why such disparity? People might have gotten used to the robotic feel and missed the fact that Kochadaiyaan's scenes were pretty smooth.

reel after reel all i wanted to see was Rajni sar in the flesh acting out what could have been an amazing movie. his voice was just so amazing. holding the film by its threads. trying to smoothen the robot like feel of most of the movie. Oh i loved the scenes where Kochadaiyaans long hair would come undone in dance ;p fuhyoo i couldnt find that photo though.

I hope the tamil cinema industry will look into doing more period films but not animation. you're not ready for the patience needed to produce one.

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Jeevan said...

quite agree! i decided to skip this movie... because i can't accept the superstar in animation