Wednesday, March 26, 2014

MH370 - Malaysia grieves with the world

Hope is a double edged sword.

Hope gives us the ability to shoulder on, hope gives us the ability to believe, Hope helps us live

But hope makes us believe beyond the facts we know, that miracles happen,

Hope unfortunately makes us hold on, denying the inevitable,

"With deep sadness and regret I must inform you that, according to this new data, flight #MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean."

Somehow hearing those words said, brought more grief than closure :((((

As the PM walked away, there was a deafening silence in the room. A silence that was a reflection of the hollow feeling many who watched the pc were feeling.

Truth be told, I had long thought the plane had perished somewhere but I like many, had hoped for a miracle. I hoped I was wrong. I hoped against reality that they would be saved somehow.

So those words came as a shock as the weight of the sadness overwhelmed many.

The last 18 days have been trying for all. I cannot fathom what the families and friends of those lost on Mh370 are going through.

I am not here to discuss what if’s or why’s, I am here to share my grief in words – the only way I know how to grieve. While the PM’s words made me pensive, it was the tears of James Chau, CCTV reporter that brought tears to my eyes.

The media has gotten much lashing since the news of the missing flight was first reported. Yes there have been ridiculous media reports but we forget, not all of them were sensationalising the news. Most were sincerely trying to give us, the people, information or maybe an answer to the disappearance of a flight. Many people criticised the media who refrained from reporting unverified information not realising it was best not to jump to conclusion. 

Did you know, many had been called back from holidays and had leaves frozen, so they could bring us the latest news? 

But most of all we forget they were only doing their jobs. 

We see them grilling the spokesperson yet what we don’t see is the hours they spent reporting the stories, travelling everyday to Sepang to cover the 5.30pm press conference. We don’t see them keeping their emotions in check as they rushed the reports. 

We question why they attempt to question the families yet we don’t see them comforting the families. This was not a one off story, where they never saw the people involved again. We questioned not realising we weren’t the ones left to comfort the families once the camera was off air. 

We forget they grief as much as we do. And so to each and every media personnel who have been tirelessly working night and day, I thank you for doing your best despite whatever that was happening. Steady your hearts, for we are far from over.

We have unsung nameless heroes amongst us. They are the men and women from 26 countries who have been working 24-7 to find the missing plane in whatever capacity their roles are.

The researchers who are shifting through endless data – thank you for not giving up. Thank you for trying as humanely possible to find a needle in an un-identified haystack.

To the many MAS staff who have been assigned to help comfort the families – thank you for your dedication. Don’t forget many knew the crew on MH370, they too have lost someone.

To the many staff from various ministries, communications personnels, medical personnels who have been running back and forth, verifying info, preparing documents, representing Malaysia in China – thank you for your perseverance. I worry for those who are heading or in China now and I pray for your safety. Stay strong.

To every military, navy, air force, firemen, police and armed forces out there risking their lives to search and rescue those on MH370 – I cannot thank you enough. Pay no heed to those who question what you do, you are our unsung heroes. I pray for your safety and hope none is lost in the efforts to now search and find the wreckage of MH370.

YB Hishamuddin @H2O – I have long detested your style of politics. Last year I and many others made fun of you as you fumbled every single press conference in relation to the Lahad Datu standoff. But you have shown us that the best way to deal with criticism is to take it with positivity and improve yourself. I applaud you for the way you have handled the MH370 press conference and media frenzy. Thank you for being a sane voice to the many speculations, conspiracy and ridiculous questions thrown at you. Thank you for not bowing to pressure and not for making this a political agenda. Many may disagree but show me once, where politics was mentioned in the PC unless specifically questioned as such?

MAS CEO Ahmad Jauhari – watching you breakdown as the PM made the announcement was indeed heart wrenching. Thank you for being there everyday to answer the sometimes ridiculous questions. Everyday I see you getting sadder and sadder and I wonder have you slept at all. I worry this will take the toll on you, so stay strong, MAS needs a solid shoulder as yours to lean on in this trying times. For those who are calling for your resignation, I doubt they will be able to perform with such dignity in your shoes.

YAB PM – I have never been your fan but thank you for standing back and letting your minister take charge. Thank you for making the most difficult announcements. In a crisis the leader must always stand strong and face the world no matter how difficult the task at hand. Thank you for listening to your advisors and choosing not to answer questions. Not all statements should be followed with questions, something I keep telling people.  

To those who feel nothing – it’s ok.

To all those sudden experts and those who have nothing good to say – you have shown us your true colours.

We are nowhere near a closure. What has happened is that the Search and Rescue efforts have now changed to Search and Recover efforts. I hope we find something that helps give closure to the families and friends. But let us not push the SAR teams to risk their lives. Please do not let another soul be lost to the treacherous waves of the Indian Ocean. They too have families and friends who are worried for their safety and nations worried about their safety.

Most importantly I choose to believe the crew and all on board MH370 are innocent, victims of a tragic fate.

MH370 - Malaysia grieves with the world. God bless all on #MH370, their family and friends.