Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2013s gone????

Wait didn't we just celebrate the new year for 2013?????

Whoa where did that year go! it's been one hellava crazy year. I went back to the agency life at the end of 2012. The first few months weren't so busy as the nation stood at standstill waiting for the 2013 elections to happen. The very next day, calls started coming in and businesses went full drive into catching up the lost 5 months. So imagine a year crammed into 7 months! yeah crazy but good.

I've loved every moment of it though they have been times all i wanted to do was curl up and sleep for days!

My trip to Hatyai happened just after 3 months of crazziness. another week of that and i would have been totally burnt out. That trip to the beautiful Koh Lipe island was god sent.

I travelled a fair bit this year. am trying to post the stories before i forget them but times an issue. The birthday was celebrated in beautiful Kota Kinabalu. thats paradise on earth, i can't wait to go back. but be warned once you step into the beautiful waters of KK, the underwater sea life every else will pale in comparison. And i've yet to head to the crown jewel of Sabah - Sipadan! I loved the road trip i did to mount kinabalu - the croker range is so amazingly beautiful and waking up to the view of mount Kinabalu is up there on the most beautiful things ive seen list.

I came back to the shocking announcement of the colleagues wedding and before we knew it we were throwing her her bacholerette night and what a celebration it was. Actually it was a series of celebration from Christmas to the time she left.

Then i shot Thaipusam in Ipoh and drove back to Batu Caves for the KL leg of the festival - yeah i know crazy ;p But i had fallen in love with thaneer malai Murugan and wanted to see him during Thaipusam - and it didn't disappoint. different but nice. though Ipoh folks have a thing for weird kavadis.

Heehehe im actually referring back to my trusty old google calendar to figure out where the year went ;p

I flew to Varanasi for Shivaratri and fell in love with the city. the experience at the ganges was unbeliveable and i went there as a through skeptic. i sat at the steps everyday, heading before dawn to a different ghat and watched the world unfold as the sun rose on the ganga. every evening i watched the arathi - my fav spot being on a boats roof away frm the crazy crowds.

Loved kolkata too but the smog in the city kept me indoors mostly and as we joked - the airport had the freshest air!

i did a short road trip along the border of Selangor and Perak - nothing much but it fits my aim to see every town in Malaysia.

I headed to the land of cats Kuching and had a lovely time there. Did a road trip around the state. We were rewarded by this beautiful sunset one evening.

I call the city the garden city for all the amazing big trees all over the city.

this year i cancelled 2 trip plans as i was in a transition period with some of the clients i took over. oh i got interviewed as a photographer and appear on the cover of the inner pullout section of one of the leading english papers here! that was an awesome moment. seeing yourself on the cover is just an AMAZING feeling.

I still managed to drag myself out of bed for the Merdeka Parade. Love this photo

by the time i went for my next holiday it was September. that was how busy i was! that too it was a 3 day trip only. ah but what a trip! i swam with sharks! not one but 4 baby sharks! for 20 minutes! omg what beautiful creatures. i went n got myself an underwater cam just for this! i so wanna go back there again just to photograph those beautiful creatures!

the school i visit every year for navarathri did something totally different this year - they had a devi procession on the last night. it was such a beautiful moment and of course afterwards the fun element came into play as ppl got smeared with kunkumam.

The Petronas Twin Towers turned pink for one weekend as part of breast cancer awareness month and what a sight it was!

then it was to Hatyai where i found my favourite Buddha. Hes so prettyyyyyyyy.

And the beautiful island of Koh Lipe. Sadly just days ago a bombing took place in Hatyai. i remember the numerous checks the police did when we were in the city centre and despite that this happened.

we headed to Phuket a month back for the company trip and had a great time though Phuket didnt seem as magical as the first time i was there. the beach i had been before was so different and the waters were empty. i remember fishes in that water. where had they all gone?

work has been amazing. i achieved more than i had targetted to do, which was to do better than the previous ROI set for some of the accounts. some issues but what is life without problems. but all in all a brilliant year where am satisfied with what ive achieved. I am my biggest critic and competitor. i have to be one of the best in whatever i do and that was definetly achieved.

Hey i'm a workaholic - i truly love to work!

its Christmas eve and I turn 34 in a matter of days. I don't feel a year older! it doesnt help that ppl generally think I'm 25! lol i think at some point i have to stop telling my age to ppl. something my mom has to do.

I built my dream library shelves last year, and now theyre briming with more books. i've read a gazzilion books this year and more to come in the next few weeks.

this years Birthday will be celebrated with music ;) Tell you when i get back. 2014 is gonna be another crazy year - i can already feel it! ;p

Alrighty Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

See you lot in 2014!!

The video below is quite an interesting take on the events of 2013 though i believe its missing the most important moment of 2013 - Malala. what an inspiring young women who definetly deserved the Noble prize. If you havent heard her speech go google her and you will get the links and be amazed.

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