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The paradise called Lipe

Sitting outdoors under the moonless light as Chet sang beautifully in heavily Thai influenced English pronunciations over dinner is high up there on my list of things I loved to do. I was sitting at Pooh’s restaurant in beautiful Koh Lipe an island 4 hours by sea and land of Hatyai. Ever smilling Chet provided the much needed live music that suited the islands laid backness. Of course midway rain suddenly decided to invite himself and rained in a matter of few minutes as all of us scrambled into the indoor area as rain and wind lashed at us.

Ah Koh Lipe what a lovely place to be.

We were staying right at the centre of Walking street, the main area where all the tours and restaurants were. Everyday we would walk towards Pattaya Beach, about 8 minutes from our hotel passing by my favourite dessert and breakfast place – Thai Lady pancake where you take of your shoes, wash your feet and sit at the chairs or on the wooden ramps on short Japanese tables. They served my all-time favourite breakfast bacon, sausages and eggs as well as some yummy sandwhiches and thai pancakes in whatever topping you wanted.

There are no cars on the island just golf carts and bike taxis which we only used when we arrived and were leaving as everything was pretty much in walking distance from our hotel.

Now the beach, what I read online was different from what I saw. Pattaya was touted as the best beach while Sunrise wasn’t but it was pretty opposite in terms of white sandy sand. Also theres a lot of development taking place at Pattaya so that was dampner. We had also arrived on a moonless day and on that evening the waters were a bit murky, clear but murky which was a bit unusualy coz 2 days later the water at Pattaya was crystal clear. So mind the timing when you head to the beach, the water seems different according to the moon.


We spent a whole day snorkelling at the little islands off Lipe. We were supposed to head to 5 islands but had only time for 4. We missed the black pebble island but it just means I have another reason to come back ;p I can’t remember the islands accept for Koh Rawi where we stopped for lunch but all the islands waters were stunning emerald green and filled with fish. It was lovely to snorkel there but the sealife was still nothing compared to what we find in Malaysia. But anytime spent in the sea is awesome ;p

I was walking around after lunch taking photos when I got out of the water to find a black crab hanging from my shorts. Luckily it hadn't found my flesh and dug in ;p

We got to see some beautiful sunsets and no we didn’t bother with the sunrise.

The people on the island are pretty nice. Walking by the streets everyday you’d get smiles from everyone and no one trying to sell you something.

One evening there were this kids running around the streets growling at people and turned up at me growling so of course I growled back. So kid decides to follow me and growl a few times. On the third growl, I took of my glasses and gave him one of my scary big eyed growls. Poor kid ran away. Later in the evening I saw him again and tried to take his photo but he refused to be photographed  ;p

At dinner most of the restaurants had grilled seafood made to order so one night when we were looking at where to eat we found one shop with a huge swordfish at its grill. I stopped to take a photo and finally decided to eat there. My fish arrived yummly cooked and melting off the skin with a lovely homemade lime sauce.  

And so ended our lovely beach holiday before we headed back to Hatyai. Now that was an interesting adventure. On the way back we were put on a medium sized speedboat instead of the ferry we arrived in. midway through the boat stopped as the driver started yakking in thai to someone on the phone. Next thing we see two big fishing trawlers pass each other and we stopped right next to it. Apparently the driver was buying fish in the middle of the sea. Lol that kinda freaked out the rest of the travellers, a big group of fellow Malaysians.


Some time later the boat stopped and this time it was engine trouble. Somehow they managed to get the boat running again but it happened again and luckily they got it solved and we finalled reached land. Only to find my bag soaking wet and smelling of fish! I quickly bought another plastic bag and dumped all my clothes into it. Luckily the clothes weren’t wet but I had to wash my bag the moment we reached the hotel.

Note to self never let your bag go into the boats underneath compartment.

Can’t wait to head there again even if it takes 4 hours to get there.

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