Saturday, November 09, 2013

Glorious Bangkok

window gazer

I’ve been to Bangkok twice and I still haven’t seen the famous Wats and Palace.

The first time I was there it was a really short trip but I absolutely loved it so this time I spent a few more days here hoping to see the temples but guess what, we were too busy doing other things to go.

I'm so cute!

We stayed in this lovely gorgeous harem like hotel. The lobby was decorated with plush pillows and in a morrocon and Indian theme. We spent some time lazing in the icy cool water of the pool and the couches. We also got our massages there as well while facing the pool ;p

morning doze on the barbers chair

The staff were also really nice so we enjoyed staying there.

We spent one whole day at Chatuchak though besides the beautiful painting I got, wasn’t worth our time at all. Got better deals along the night markets in the main town.


We walked around Sukhumvit exploring the little areas with less tourist, the river area where people were waiting for something (a boat it think) and just watching the town go by. Then we picked stations and got down to explore the area just for the fun of it. Was pretty interesting.

snip snip 

One night we headed to the pub area for music and were entertained by this band with a really good drummer and guitarist though the singers weren’t really that good or creative. Still it was an enjoyable night ;p

Didn’t really take much photos on the trip coz we were doing a lot of hanging out ;p

We spent our last day there just lazing around and getting a relaxing massage just before our flight back to KL. Must say that was an awesome thing to do ;p

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ps: story from a trip in 2012

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