Sunday, August 25, 2013

The blind care not

The blind care not

I doubt the old blind cared if the guy guiding him was a Bangladeshi.

This is my favourite corner in KL – I absolutely love these Zebra crossings and so I decided to sit and watch the world go by and in that time I saw six or seven patrol cars circling the area.

People complain that they have taken over KL. That’s not true, we abandoned KL and they embraced it. I walked for close to two hours as the sun set, stood and watched people go by and I barely saw Malaysians on what was a beautiful breezy evening perfect for a stroll.

It seems that we don’t want KL for we prefer our shopping malls so why complain when someone else calls it home?

curious ?

I saw many heart warming scenes like this; people stopping to embrace each other, a man picking up an abandoned piece of paper, people stopping to great others – it was home for them and I was but a stranger watching them. 

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