Monday, July 01, 2013


Published - 1 July 2013 NST

I've been published today in one of our top leading English Publications today - The News Straits Times - you can read it online here

And if you're here after reading the article - check out my photography page V-Eyez Imagery

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Visithra, the article is a fitting tribute to all your hard, dedicated, passionate work. But alas, life is "magic", even if I say so, as I feel it is equally important to capture "sad" moments in equanimity with the "happy" ones that you seem to have a preponderance for, as in most things in life, just when you think you know "what's it's all about" isn't.

Such is the magic of life, but again, you are a special person on this planet earth, certainly in seemingly, floundering Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Alas, as I'm a sonic guy (in case you had any doubts), I love the raga Simhendra Madhayamam......just a little piece of 'education' untuk mu, not that you need any.....

Visithra said...

anon: thank you - like i said there is too much sadness in life why focus on that when we can share in the joy of others ;)

life is the balance of sadness and joy but you have a choice to pick which one to focus on

ah a lovely raaga - u have a nice day ;)and thanks again

Anonymous said...

If you liked the raga, you would certainly enjoy:

Nandini said...

Hie vis,

Read the article, congratulations. Love it. Your perspectives on photographs would make any jane doe want to do photography as well. Impatiently waiting to do the arangetram shoot with you.

sitiaishah salim said...

Your talents and creativity are amazing. I've always enjoyed looking at the photos you took. They bring so much joy when I look at them. Thank you.

ashok said...

congrats Visit!

Visithra said...

siti: how are you? you havent blogged for a long time - i no longer have time to comment but i do read everyones blogs most of the time

and thank you so much for the lovely comments and i;m glad they bring joy as thats my main purpose ;)

Ashok: thanks ;)