Monday, March 25, 2013

My light boy

The light boy

Everyone who goes to Varanasi lights a lamp which is then let into the water. At night its a beautiful sight as it looks like the stars have fallen into the ganga.

I met this boy on my first morning at Varanasi. He asked me to buy his lamps but I said no. He grinned at me with his sheepish smile and left only to return an hour later to ask me to buy his lamp and went back with the same sheepish smile.

That night i headed to the same ghat for the ganga arithi and he was there again. He smiled his sheepish smile and asked me again. I decided to buy one and told him to light it for me.

You want me to light?? I said yes and he was beyond happiness as he lit my lamp and gave it to ganga.

Now everyday that I was in Varanasi, I would buy whatever meal I could find for any beggar who asked me for money. Most accepted my offer including the light boys at this ghat. But they wanted rasagulla (an indian sweet) and I obliged. I asked this little one if he wanted dinner and he said no.

So on our second last evening there, I called him over and told him and gave him a 100 rupee note and he immediately said i have no change. I told him no I want to buy 10 lamps from you and I want you to light them for me.

He was so shocked and happy he didnt know what to do. So he left his basked of lamps next to me and proceeded to light each lamp one by one and ran down the stairs to offer it to Ganga. He did this 10 times and you should have seen the joy in his face.

After that he was a bit too ecstatic, and was trying to find out as much about me as possible. At one point I had to tell him to keep his volume down as prayers were going on.

He ended up lighting and extra light for himself. It was priceless to see him so happy, he had a 1000 watt smile plastered on his face for the whole night.

I hope life treats him better, perhaps one day he will own boats like our boatman. I will tell you his story on another day.

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Jeevan said...

That's nice of you and him! I too wish his lamps light his life.