Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Psy fiasco

By now most of you would have seen the Psy related videos. I find the whole event extremely disorganised with a lot of stupid things happening.

Why didnt the mc/ event comp check if psy will come on stage? why did they scream non stop asking him to come out, wasn't it stipulated in the contract, i would assume the contract does not include a lou sang moment (most contracts clearly detail roles to be played), why did they have such an annoying MC, who is the idiot PR team who gives all these stupid advice to the PM.

End of the day regardless of whether we like him as a PM or not, this was an embarrassment to Malaysia. I blame the organising team for it - how can you put the PM in such a situation.

I am amazed Najib was calm about it. there was total pandemonium happening behind the vips - look at those folks running up and down in blue - thats part of the event team.

I seriously believe someone on the inside is out to get Najib and I believe its the dude who is trying to be the next PM. And interestingly during the lousang - when they asked are you ready for BN - ppl said yes.

And to the folks who attended the event - err after weeks of bombarding PSYs Facebook page - you ppl still went????? Whua you ppl are worse than our politicians - say one thing and do another! 

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