Friday, February 22, 2013

Coast to coast


I went on a coast to coast trip recently. I had time for a one day trip so I headed down to Ulu Bernam and began my trip along the Selangor/ Perak border.

coast to coast

Saw this beautiful mansion but most of it was plantations and forest that were along the snaking river bernam. I headed to the top most tip of Selangor, the spot where Sg Bernam reaches the sea.

boxed coast to coast

these cows and monkeys actually ran away from me when i pointed the camera at them ;p
run cow run


From there I drove towards Sekinchan and stopped every now and then to find the beach. there's not much beach but there is the open sea.

they have some lovely looking old mosques but sadly theyre in some weird angle that you cant photograph them properly

coast to coast

coast to coast

oooh i love this car - i u-turned to go take this photo ;)

coast to coast

this building was built in 1944, they kept the beautiful facade and extended the back into a convention centre - brilliant

coast to coast  coast to coast

It was a nice trip nothing spectacular but I'm slowly achieving my wish to see every single town in Malaysia ;)

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Anonymous said...

You take beautiful pictures, with so much EQ, it is "frightening", but I wait for the day you go back to Sungai Siput, Perak, and take some of those historic sites along Jalan Lintang.

I promise you, in years to come, it will be worth it, but when you get to Tan Sri Sambanthan's house, stop to take pics of the shophouses in front of his ancestral, beautiful home too.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say, "Tun".

ashok said...

awesome snaps!