Friday, December 28, 2012


So 2012 is ending in about a few days which also means its MY BIRTHDAY!!! ;P

It’s been a busy year with lots of travel. Let’s see I was in Chennai, Bali, Kerala, Yogyakarta, Krabi, Perak, Pagoh, Singapore and tomorrow I’ll cap it up with my first trip to Kota Kinabalu. Yeah that’s a lot of travelling.

Missed one trip as I was too busy at work during that time. Oh well you can’t have everything. Staying put in Chennai was an amazing experience given I got to watch all my favourite musicians perform.
Hours and hours of TN Seshagopalan and Rajesh Vaidhya as well as KJ Jesudass and Sikkil Gurucharan. I’ve travelled around to listen to Anil Srinivasan and Sikhil Gurucharan – most recently being at Singapore for their Kalaa Utsavam performance. What a brilliant show and I also ended up listening to these beautiful musicians The Sufi Gospel Project who mixed different faiths music with a gospel influence – simply brilliant music

Bali was again amazing and heading to one of its islands which I call paradise was the cream on the cake. The beauty of that place still astonishes me. Kerala was another beauty, the highlight of the trip being the annual Thrissur Pooram and the two boat rides we went on. Of course once again I had to be in Kerala during a bandh. We had to pay extra to get back to the city. Funniest thing was later in the day we went shopping in a closed shop through the back door ;p

Yogyakarta is a stunning place and a definite must visit. What lovely people too – and we had a lovely driver who kept mixing up his family story – finally we realized he had a wife and a girlfriend too ;p – though I don’t think he actually wanted to tell us that. See too many lies and you’ll forget which story you told whom! Yes I have lots of stories to share but just not the time.

Krabi was another jewel in Thailand – you can of course read the short story of it. I’ve yet to finish my stories on Perak but at least you have the one on the museums.

I’ve planned a few trips for next year as well but I most looking forward to Varanasi. Yep I’ll be heading to Ganga which will incidentally be my first trip to the north.

It’s been another crazy year – things happened and needed to be solved. Plans I had been making had to be changed. It finally sunk in mid of the year and I finally started with the remodeling of my room.

The cupboards have been moved, built a bookcase by myself. Finally set up my amazing library of books - which was a long time dream. Got more than 50 books at BBW. Don’t worry I’m already into my second book in the pile and should be finishing at least 5 books this holiday season ;p

Yes as you can see from the photos, I read a lot. Most of the books on the tall shelf have already been read, theres I think just one stack that hasn’t been read while the square cabinet (which I built) books are on half, half. I’ve yet to arrange the new books – need to think of how I’m going to do it ;p

My search for a table went futile as I wanted a long table so I finally decided to build one myself.

Found two short shelves, built those and then found the perfect looking old door and spent weeks varnishing it. Well I was experimenting on colours ;p My mom thought I was nuts for doing it myself but I’ve always loved basic woodwork ;p

Now the table looks lovely and fits both my desktop and laptop as well as the work laptop whenever it needs to as well as all my other table junk. I no longer have to fight for space or put stuff above my pc ;p I also finally got my jewellery cabinet done – ah what a beauty it is. It was another piece that I had been searching high and low for years. I could never find them in shops though they were all over the internet.

So I finally got someone to build tiny little drawers to fit my extensive collection of costume jewellery. There’s only another 4 more empty drawers left. I may have to build another one ;p Next year I will have to get the rooms painted – its way overdue. Will need to decide on the colours though.

Which brings me to pinterest. So how many people here are addicted to that evil site? ;p

I see hands up in the air – including yours truly though I now spend limited time there.

Alas with the end of 2012, we won’t be able to crack jokes about the mayan/ mayandi end of the world propaganda – sigh what a waste – it provided such laughs ;p

In case I don’t post anything else – Have a wonderful new year, be safe and party like it’s the end of the world ;p

Ps: wheee I got a surprise pre birthday party with cheese cake and all today ;p

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ashok said...

have a gears new year visit

Anonymous said...

Alas, hopefully it is not a little late to wish you a happy, healthy and safe Birthday. May all your wishes come true.