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I recently did a road trip to Perak where I visited 11 towns in 3 days. Now my idea of visiting a town means going through at least 70 percent of the town or as much as I can if it’s a huge place. Anyway when I decided to travel to Perak one of the places I wanted to visit was Pasir Salak.
Now Pasir Salak was the spot of the first movement against the British and it was led by Dato Maharaja Lela Pandak Lam with the assassination of the then British Resident of Perak, J.W.W.Birch on 2 November  1875 which sparked a war between the British and the Malays. It ended with the hanging of Maharaja Lela and the exile of Sutlan Abdullah.

Pasir Salak

Located right at the banks of Sungai Perak, the Pasir Salak Historical complex itself is quite a beauty. Its an old Malay house and theres another museum across the road. Unfortunately we arrived with the storm and managed to only visit the main complex  as we waited out the windy storm after our tour. Not many people veered there I think as we were the only people there. Two local boys walked ahead of us to switch on the lights and the audio visuals as we made our way around the historical tunnel of first Maharajalela and various other Malay resistant movements leading up to the Independence of Malaysia.

pasir salak


This was the first of the three musuems we visited. I’m kind of a history/ cultural buff. I’m always reading up or visiting musuems whenever possible.

Cotton candy clouds

The next one we visited was the Perak Musuem or Darul Ridzuan Musuem in Ipoh which is not to be mistaken with the other Perak Musuem in Taiping. I’ll explain on that one when we get to there. The Ipoh museum was built in 1925 by a rich miner named Foo Choong Kit.

Now this was another museum I enjoyed. Thanks to the information on Perak Man and Lenggong Valley. Perak man is Southeast Asia's oldest most complete human skeleton. It is radiocarbon dated to 10,120 BP and identified as Australomenasoid, a hominid type occupying the western part of the archipelago and continental South-East Asia at the end of the Pleistocene and early Holocene.

While the Lenggong Valley is the site of many archelogical finds including the 1991 discovery of Perak Man and most recently the 2007 discovery of evidence of a meteorite strike 1.83 million BP which preserved Palaeolithic tools at Bukit Bunuh, Lenggong. Now this was something new I learnt and I think was what that earned the Lenggong Valley a Unesco World Heritage site. About the time I was there, it was announced that Perak Man will finally return to Lenggong Valley museum from his current home at the National Musuem in KL. The Perak Man in Ipoh is a replica.

So Lenggong Valley will be on my list of places to visit and looks like I also missed out the Geological Musuem off Ipoh town. Will get to them one day.


The third and final museum on this trip is the oldest museum in Malaysia – The Perak Musuem in Taiping which was founded by Sir Hugh Low the then British Resident of Perak, in 1883. Besides being a beautiful building and the oldest museum, this was quite a dampener compared to the other two. Besides a super long and huge skeleton of a crocodile, nothing was really interesting or historical. The Taiping war memorial is a more interesting visit. Everytime I'm there I drive by to pay my respect to fallen soldiers. I explored the grounds years ago - here are photos from then

3a Gone but not forgotten in memorial 

I found all three well maintainted and lovely courteous staff. In Pasir Salak my mother was not charged the entrance fee and when we were caught in the storm and we were sitting out at the half open verendah enjoying the rain, they insisted she go inside less she melts in the rain ;p heheh. Still the Islamic museum in KL remains my most favourite both architecture wise and exhibits. If i find the time will write about my road trip. 

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ashok said...

interesting...wonderful snaps!

Anonymous said...

What a shame you didn't get to visit or at least write/foto about Sungai Siput.

Visithra said...

ashok - thanks perak is lovely to travel

anon - oh but i did stop at sungai siput but didnt take photos as it was raining - i had to go see the biggest tamil school in malaysia right ;p

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if it is the biggest Tamil school in Malaysia, but it sure is the best.....only 'cos I went to it.

And of course, the town is one of the few that has a large number of Indians, and at least until recently, it was known for relative peace, prosperity and best of all, their simplicity in living.

I'd love it so much if you made another visit on a sunny day and used your talents to take some memorable pics of my humble hometown.

Visithra said...

it is - i googled the school up ;)

hehehe it looked beautiful ;)

perhaps another day - my travels to Perak are not over ;)

Anonymous said...

I pray you visit Sg Siput soon, take lots of pics of things you like to take, but I do hope it will include MGK (the school you refer to), late Tun Sambanthan's ancestral home, and while at it, perhaps some pics of the shophouses facing his home, yes, opposite side of Jalan Lintang. By special request, you might want to take some pics of 10, Jalan Lintang.

You are really, really gifted, but I guess you already know that!

Visithra said...

anon - ah sorry about the late reply missed out replying this - humm didnt see any signboards to his house - will google it up - ohh am curious whats at no 10, jalan lintang

thanks on the compliments - btw happy new year ;)