Friday, September 14, 2012


It takes only 1% of annoyance for people to believe the lies others tell of you.

That’s why it’s easy for gossip to travel. People just need to be jealous of you on something, or irritated that you corrected them or pointed out their mistakes – something petty for them to spread stories on you or believe the lies people tell of you.

I hear them all. The thing with gossip and lies is it goes in a circle and you end up hearing the stuff people have been spreading about you. Most of the time I ignore all of it simply because they’re pretty useless and practically nothing. All they do is spread gossip and lies and forget to live their own lives.

Until someone tries to endanger my life, I let them be. Trust me if you try anything to actually hurt me, I’ll take all the necessary actions even if it means dragging them to the police. Don’t make treats to me, I’m not just a woman, I’m a fearless woman. I did nothing wrong and I always have ample proof for all the lies people spread on me. All it took was one police report, for the treats to stop.

The lies didn’t stop but the treats did. But like I said I don’t care about lies. What you think about me doesn’t determine who I am. The most interesting thing about this incident was I learnt that it takes only 1% of annoyance for people to believe the lies others tell of you. People around us believed the lies while people I just knew as acquaintances or rather the people who watch you have stood in solidarity for us. What a blow to the face it must have been, to have these people support us and not otherwise. So I remain amazed each day with the turn of events.

So to the rest, go ahead tell your lies and spread your gossip, if I need to, I know how to teach you a lesson for I always have ample proof on your misdeeds.
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