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Its been some time since I wrote proper travelouges mostly because I haven’t edited most of the photos. So I’ve decided to change that and try to post stories even if I’ve not don’t with editing.

Krabi is a stunning island filled with beautiful people. I am a full blown beach person though I can’t really swim. I spent most of my time in the water or at the pool.

Monk Green

While my friend went rock climbing, I spent the day swimming at Railay beach. The best part was I had the whole beach to myself for most of the morning though the waves were crazy violent. I was getting beaten up every other minute. Unfortunately I had to run out to the beach 4 times to save my bag, camera and books from the rising water.
The thing is I left them a few hundred metres away but at high tide, the waters reach the ends of the beach right up to the foot of the restaurants! I nearly lost my glasses on my last run. Railay is interesting to explore both at low and high tide, on one side of the beach where the climbers are, there are small cave like enclosures you need to walk or swim through to get to a small cove.

Copycat clouds

We went snorkelling to the 4 islands around Krabi and opted out of the Koh Phi Phi island visit due to the rough waters. It was good thing too, the waters were pretty rough in some places. Originally we were put on the westerners boat when the boat guide moved us into the Asian boat filled with Chinese, korean and Japanese tourists. Turns out, he had decided to appoint us as his head of entertainment for the day ;p

Now the problem with Chinese tourists is, they never listen to the guide, talk non stop, are super greedy and not to mention annoying. Also they seemed to enjoy staring at us and would continue to stare even when you smiled at them. We got down at the first island after a long lecture by the guide. To get people to listen to him he just sat quietly staring at everyone. Lol he was such a funny character.

Hidden krabi

Koh tup is a small white beach island and if you looked carefully you’ll spot fishes swimming in with the tide. At low tide you can actually walk across the island to Chicken island but since the water was getting higher our boat drove us there. Anyway you would think that with only one indian on the boat, people would return back to the boat when I got there but nope the Chinese ppl never did and were always the last to return despite being blackmailed by the guide.

We reach chicken island and the boat stops in the middle of the sea and the guide asks so who wants to snorkel and someone actually says no. me and my friend quickly said eh no we want to. So he tells us okay you can jump of the boat. No lecture or anything. I picked up my mask and the both of us jumped off. Now here you could see lots of fishes swimming around you. There we were swimming happily around and I realised it was just the two of us in the water. The rest were still on the boat! only after another 20 minutes did they jump into the water and at one point half of them were hanging to the ladder of the boat – errr whei you crazy ah?

swaying krabi 

At one point I saw my friend swimming back to the boat and since I swim real slow I started making my way back thinking it was time to go. Turns out she got stung by a jellyfish and while she was trying to get on the boat, people were hanging at the ladder! And I had to swim backwards just to stop myself from bumping into someone.
When I got back to the boat, the guide was busy mumbling about the non listeners to my friend. At one point he screamed at them, if you go into the water you must swim away from the boat. getting into the water doesn’t mean holding onto the ladder! ;p

We spotted jellyfishes swimming around the water so the guide jumped into the water to go bring one to us to show. The next think you know the whole boat was leaning to our side of the boat and I had to go whei don’t sink the boat and move to the other side before the rest followed. Sigh.

We headed to poda island for lunch. As we were getting off the boat, the guide goes, do you think its wrong if I kill them? Hehe I told him not wrong but why waste your life for them. ;p


A lot of other boats were moared there too. Lunch was a simple green curry which tasted pretty nice. We walked around the beach and sat down to watch the antics of our boat dwellers. I think the only reason they were there was to post photos on facebook. They took turns doing the buried under sand, heart shape, lying down on beach and so on all over the beach. Not enough they were walking around with umbrellas while the white tourists were sunbathing. Hehhehe look at this picture and you’ll see how different entertainment is to them.


The Japanese and Korean families were actually pretty nice people and turns out the Japanese family were stopping by KL for a visit. So told them a few spots they could visit.

We headed to railay beach next to swim around the coves. When we got back to the boat, our guide was mumbling about his bad luck. Turns out the Chinese tourists left their bag at poda island and had gone back to get it. So we had to sit by the beach and wait for them. Since we left late, the waters were rough and the adults started vomiting. Lol
We bumped into our guide on our last evening there and stopped to talk to him. We told him he better not put us on the Asian boat next time. He told us don’t worry I’m not going to be on it either ;p


While Krabi was lovely and less of a party island, I do prefer my beach at Phuket and the amazing food there.
One thing I’ve learned from my island trips, I rarely find the need to use the camera since I’m swimming all the time! So I probably wont be taking the dslr anymore. 

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wow...so beautiful!

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Wow, sound like you had a wonderful time. I really love the third shot you got, green cloth tied to the boat the blown to the right. Amazing.