Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I have a huge extended family. I’m practically related to everyone thanks to them and I don’t know even 4/5 of my relations. Occasionally mom drags me to some function where I know one person but apparently we’re related.

But the one thing I learnt is to be polite and friendly. Sadly most of my generation don’t think that. You could attend a function and have a part of the host not even smiling at you coz they were not the part that invited you. That’s just plain rude.

Anyway I was telling mom, once she’s gone the 4/5 of people I’m related to will cease to exist for me coz I have no idea who they are. My mom knows every one of them but besides the cute and sweet smile and the hello’s, I usually have nothing to say back so we remain acquaintance. I think this is where the world is headed.

Your friends are becoming the extended family and usually minus all the baggage. You know all the rituals you have for the uncles and aunties of the bride and groom, what we already do is change them to your close friends. Makes more sense.

Remember you can choose your friends but not your relatives ;p 

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ashok said...

very true...

Anonymous said...

Alas, you are too young to know that relatives make you "know/feel" who you really are....it could mostly come in "-ve" ways, but I do feel, at least for most Malaysian Indians, esp someone like you, it is "+ve"....just give it some time, try to learn more from Mum about her past, your late Dad's, and one day, and I sincerely hope before too long, it will come "together".....

Meantime, I "know" (even if I am not your relative), you will truly enjoy this entire album, as it is all to do with your real "spirit"...


Just make sure you are ready "spiritually", as it has been a fantastic journey for me, for the past 1 hour....and I am not finished....such joy!

Visithra said...

ashok :)

anon : ah but i am not too young to not know about people - for every nice relative i can tell you the true stories of 10 ungrateful children who squandered their parents, siblings who squandered their siblings, daughter in laws who ill treated their mother in laws, mother in laws who ill treated their daughter in laws, relatives who bad mouthed or did horrible things, and so the list goes on

seriously most relatives are not worth the time - the great ones you keep close the rest you stay away from - trust me less heartache - i may be young but i've seen the worst in people - life is weirder than fiction ;)

nice list of songs ;) ive learnt half of them actually ;)

awiexp said...

terbaik!!! i like you blog!!

jom sertai komuniti forum yang terbaru dan terhangat masa kini..100% buatan anak malaysia!! sama-samalah support yer..