Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A list of new

A friends friend started a group on doing something new every week. I liked the idea – mostly because I have always been game to try out something new everytime, even if I may not like it ;p

So I thought it would be interesting to post a list of new things I did in 2011.
  • Snorkelling – this was a huge thing for me since I can’t swim!! ;p now I’m hooked to it
  • Stayed on an island alone for the first time – I’ve started enjoying travelling by myself for many reasons but staying on an island alone was a first for me and its turned into my own paradise so much I've already gone there again ;p
  • Finally went to Perhentian island – if it had been there earlier before finding my paradise I would have loved it but still its awesome place to be
  • Lived through the freakiest thunderstorm while on perhentian – scary as hell with the thunder and all whoa
  • Being on tv for the first time – phew that was an experience all right ;)
  • Getting published in Asian Geography for the first time ;)
  • Got the opportunity to teach photography for the Burmese kids Project
  • Went to Teluk intan, Parit Buntar and Pagoh for the first time
  • Travelled to Phuket and Bali for the first time
  • Sang in a café just coz I needed to sing ;p
  • Drove a bike across the sea on a tiny suspended wooden bridge between two islands in bali ;p
  • Went to the circus in Chennai and saw that crazy motorcycle stunt in a dome
  • Read vimrod books and absolutely loved them
  • Got interviewed on radio for the evening news (been on radio before but not on the news ;p)
  • Ate the awesome Omar Kuey Teow in Parit Buntar ;p
  • Listened to the impatient sisters for the first time and a fan now ;p
  • Tried a choc spa for the first time ;p weird nice and felt like I was a cake ;p
  • Saw a red moon ;)
  • Went searching for a waterfall I’ve heard of and its now one of my favourite places in kl
  • Finally found a wine I like – but still not into alcohol
  • Commissioned an art work for the first time ;) 
  • Saw the aswara percussion ensemble perform for the first time and loved it
  • Started a page in honour of a true Malaysian Hero
  • Got my wisdom tooth removed – though the removal was relatively painless the recovery was soo painfullllll – nope not trying this again 

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ashok said...

WOW! Your list is totally enviable! Wish you to add more in the coming years!

Visithra said...

hehehe you sure you want to get your wisdom tooth removed??? the recovery was sooooooo painful! ;p

Jeevan said...

I hope there's a lot ahead! Enjoy dear :)

ashok said...

ok ok...'totally enviable' except the last line :)

Visithra said...

heheh thought so ;p