Friday, March 09, 2012


There are two things that you should never possess in life – one is wealth and the other talent. Unfortunately those are one of the two most important ingredients in life. 

These two qualities are interlinked with each other like a simbiotik relationship where both need the other to live. Wealth, yours or anothers is needed to develop your talent, similarly without talent wealth can neither be achieved or maintained.

So why shouldn’t you possess the two most important ingredients in life?

Because they are both the root of all problems. Jealousy, greed or betrayal are merely actions that arise due to wealth and talent. Without the root causes you will not be subjected to evil actions.

Funny how life works right?

I always say that life is weirder than fiction. Most of this is based on the stories I’ve lived through or seen people live. Every now and then I watch a soap drama or two not because they are entertaining simply because the things they show are much milder than everyday life. Only difference in real life, the strong do not cry that much instead they weep silently as they battle the demons flying towards them.

The world is ruled by money and the idiot who says its not important either has too much or is living a lie. Look at the saints of the 21st century who zip across continents in first class flights and live in air-condioned mansions and such. Sure some of them do some good, but didn’t they relinquish life? So what are they doing amidst luxury?

Talent is a funny quality. If you’re an average dude, no one bothers about you. Anything above average and you’ll soon be the target of jealousy for someone wants the money and fame your talent earns you.

That’s where we come to Poraali the movie directed by Samuthirakani. It simply means the man who fights to overcome hardship. Its an absolutely brilliant movie.

Watching Poraali reminded me of the disparity in life. Picking the central theme of wealth, the story takes you into the lengths the family would go to attain the wealth that was neither contested nor wanted by the hero, director Sasikumar.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve watched the movie, I think I could pretty much quote different parts of the movie and still want to watch it again and again.That’s probably why I love the work of director Sasikumar and Samuthirakani. They bring out reality in such a simple way using average people that it seems unbelievable.

Would your own sibling or child go after your money? Trust me the world is a crazy place filled with people who would do anything for money.

For all those people who lust after anothers money or wealth be it your parents or someone else, you should be ashamed of yourself. Its one thing to be gifted something, its another to demand wealth based on your own greed. Until people realise that money needs to be earned and not pulverised from others, greed will hold the upper hand that leads to all kinds of evil.

The simple truth is, trust no one. For all older folks out there, do not leave anything for your children until your death that too make sure you put enough conditions on your will to ensure no one kills you for your wealth. Make sure you have a will and even if it’s a family business, ensure the profit of your hardwork comes to you first and not to anyone else. Do not give away your life savings to your child or change your property to their name. those homeless folks on the streets? They’re not drug addicts but most are parents who have been left to rot on the streets by their own children.

Trust no one, you are the only one who can decide the course of your life.

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ashok said...

I watched the movie last week...a very mature one..agree with you.

Visithra said...

indeed an interesting movie

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