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Thaipusam 2012

The flag is up

Those who have been following this blog for years now are probably wondering wheres the Thaipusam post. Well its been a super awesome Thaipusam and hence no posts.

This year I shot a wedding on the night of the chariots journey to Batu Caves. So you can imagine how hectic my day would have been.

I left the wedding hall and headed home to drop my equipment and rest a bit. Then mom joined me in our quest to look for the chariot – I was pretty certain it would still be at the usual place but one guy sent us on a goose chase to Masjid India before we found it again in Leboh Ampang where lion dances, urumi melam and kompangs were waiting for the chariot.

Thaipusam 2012 Muruga Looking  

Ah I absolutely loved how the chariot looked this year. I had mumbled to one of the annas that I didn’t like the fluorescent tubes and preferred the solidary bulbs and looks like someone listened to me.

When we were there some group gave a 12 feet malai that was so heavy – 8 guys had to carry it.
Muruga looked so dashing as he made his way around KL. I was at Batu Caves three times this year, first on the evening before to see the festival flag hoisted and then early the next morning for my river photos and finally in the evening to climb to the inner caves.

The crowds were epic this year. When I arrived in the morning both sides of the flyover was jammed up with people. Even when we returned in the evening the crowds were just growing in numbers.

thaipusam 2012

Every year it’s a tradition for me to go see the chariot leave and on its way back we will do prayers in KL. A few years once we will try to make it for the final pooja at KL Maha Mariamman Temple. Since the chariot procession grew ultra famous the timing has gotten later and later. The chariot only arrived at 3.30am in Leboh Ampang. All this is because the number of people doing prayers and breaking coconuts in the thousands has increased tenfold.

thaipusam 2012

Home at last

getting a lift home

The chariot is so tall and the idols are so heavy that they have to use a forklift to lift and bring down Murugan each time.

thaipusam 2012

thaipusam 2012 thaipusam 2012 thaipusam 2012

Right after the prayers they had been giving out his garlands and the fruits to everyone who was there. Everyone who attended got something. As we are annual ubhayakarargal, mom was given a kalanji.  I was standing in front of Murugan and watching them remove his gold ornaments. He looked so gorgeous ;p

One of the annes asked if I wanted something. At first I said no but then I had been eyeing the little crown garlands. So I said can I get a kutty flower or garland. Instantly I was given the small malai from his neck (you can see it in the photo - its the one with red green at his side) ;))) obviously I was too happy for words and skipped away, garland in hand ;p

I said goodbye to Muruga and left and with that Thaipusam 2012 has officially ended.

I have much to write about it though so look out for more posts soon.  

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