Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Si Tanggang in Batu Caves?? Ehh

So there’s a new theory on Batu Caves by a writer who loves folklore and doesn’t know geography.

So when I read this I knew I had to reply as sensible as possible.

Si Tanggang or Malin Kundang is a folklore on an ungrateful son who together with his ship and all the sailors turned into stone after being cursed by his dejected mother.

Now the writer claims that based on the 1955 novel written by Abdul Samad Ahmad the stone ship in question is non-other than Batu Caves.

So was Si Tanggang folklore based in Batu Caves. 

Here’s my answer and comment to the article.

lol ok lets talk facts and get some geography lessons.

Abdul Samad Ahmad was born in 1913

K. Thamboosamy Pillai, an Indian trader, in the 1800s who also founded  the Sri Mahamariamman Temple, Kuala Lumpur, founded the temple cave in 1891 and the first Thaipusam was held in 1892. Which means Thaipusam has been held there for 120 years.

Now Abdul Samad Ahmad wrote Si tanggang in 1955.

Although Si Tanggang is not really an original story since similar versions can be found around Asia, the most popular being Malin Kundang. The ship or its remains can be found in Pantai Aia Manih, south of Kota Padang, West Sumatera. Please check the photos at the link for the ship ;p

So you've written an article based on a folklore written in 1955? some 57 years ago by a writer who was not even born when the temple was founded ;))

Now If you've based this on the orang asli (aborigines) legend - people who continue to be forgotten and side stepped in this country - again this can only be nothing but a legend because

1 Batu caves formation is said to be 400 years old.
2 Geologically Malaysia's current map shape has been pretty much the same size for some 6000 years. According to the prehistory geological evolution of Malaysia and the world, the available land has continued to shrink in size and is slowly being taken over by water. Yeah we are continuously in risk of losing our precious coastlines.

Take a look at this for some prehistory lessons.

This itself proves that is totally ridiculous to assume Batu Caves could have been Si Tanggangs ship as it is right smack in the middle of Selangor and towards the border of Perak, the nearest ocean coastline is around Klang which is about 60 kms away. No ship that size could have berthed so far away from the sea. 

I suggest that you go back and study geography please and let's keep SI Tanggang what it is a folklore.

So in conclusion you are the most awesomest man in Malaysia la macha ;)) Can become writer of folklore or cerita dongeng.

To the writer 

YOur article wasn't racists but its definitively disrespectful. Saying that we've misunderstood and that it was about respecting ones parents is ridiculous and makes you look like a politician who said the wrong thing.

If your article was about respecting one's parents and you knew that this is a myth, why do you insist the the mango tree was from the mango Si Tanggangs mother threw and for that we should be a statue as tall as Lord Muruga's statue? What kind of fantasy world are you living in that you think a myth that has no geographical evidence is true?

If your article was about respecting one's parents, wheres the stories about youth disrespecting parents? The whole article is about your fascination on the story and search to see the ship. Neither the ship existed nor any part of the story besides you insisting on 1 mango tree being the evidence of its existance.

I suggest you learn how to write and understand the importance of research before writing something ridiculous.

Ps: please pass this answer around - lets learn some geography ;)

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Anonymous said...

the aborigines are here first & they are proto malay. then there were deutro malay came to settle down in tanah melayu. how come keling from india came here thereafter and claim batu caves was theirs?

Anonymous said...

hindu is also a folklore. u see, indian also didn't have authentic manuscript about hindu. hindu is not the original name for this religion. originally it was called veda or dharma. many hindus are confused with their own religion. many just follow blindly without knowing the truth. do you know where this dharma came from? not from india but from nusantara. it was from prophet abraham / ibrahim & his wife sara. then later on after they're gone, people mislead their good teaching about god and was deceived by the devil to worship idols instead of one god. brahma & saraswathy was also referred to ibrahim & sara.

Anonymous said...

tell us what is so great about hindu? ask yourself is it a true religion? true faith? who is your god?