Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dance and Culture

When I first saw this video it brought a smile to my face. The wedding entrance dance has become a trend in western weddings but this was the first time I was seeing it in a Hindu wedding. For me I preferred her coming out with the gals as i didn’t get the part with the boys and found that cheesy.

Now while in general most people like me have liked the video, theres another minority bunch who are critising the video on the basis of culture. To all of them I’d like to ask you what culture are we talking about?

Culture is manmade and has been changed to fit the whim and wants of men across centuries.

If we are such upholders of culture, how did the sacred art of bharathanatyam and temple dancers into prostitution? It took a women centuries later to go against culture to revive back Bharatanatyam!

And when did this revival happen? In the 1930s!!!!! Before that you were looked down if you were a bharatanatyam dancer. Where were our people and culture when they made the sacred artform disrespectful?

Did you know that according to Hinduism there is a third gender? That would be transsexuals. All this changed when the British arrived in India and began treating them disrespectfully and creating laws to imprison transsexuals. So how did our culture change then when this has been in our legend and scriptures. Take Ayyapan’s legend – who are his parents? Vishnu and Siva – as the asura had asked for a boon where he cannot be killed by one who parents are male and female!

My question is will this culture question have arised if the bride had danced kohlatam or bharatanatyam?

How come its okay to dance when we do thirukalyanam? Don’t people sit and dance at the weddings or hare rama Krishna festivals?

The only difference in this brides wedding was the songs were cinema songs but look at the songs. There was nothing wrong with the lyrics or the way the bride danced. Everything was done respectfully. If she was to have done the same moves to a kolattam song, all of you would have gone why thats so great.

Cinema music is popular and it is the fault of parents and their own generation for not teaching carnatic music, bhajans, thevarams, folk songs to their kids. If the children had grown to love those songs and music they would have picked those songs to dance for instead.

Culture is manmade and it has changed so much over the yugams as man becomes more and more critical about others. For those who would like to question this please tell me why did culture prostitute temple dancers and now mistreats transsexuals?

To the bride and groom – nice one and congrats. To future brides or grooms who would like to do these at your wedding, please hire me to be your photographer. I would love to shoot such a fun wedding ;p

ps: the wedding was in Singapore.

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zepion said...

1st of all i welcomed this.
2nd i did not know about the 3rd gender
3rd Indians mostly Tamils are trying to be more like the British for some reason i am not one of them i like my culture for the way that it has been shaped over the millenniums or so.
4th i did not know about ayyapas history.
5th i found the dancing with the boys a little necessary because it shows that shes leaving a single life for her chosen guy it may not have been intended do that but that's how i saw it.
5th culture is man made but it shoud be unique to every one and one should not strive to be another you are born into one set for a very good reason.
6th theres no pleasing anyone question's would have arised if the bride had danced kohlatam or bharatanatyam
7th they see gods as a special being with special status but all that they are is humans born with gifts to perform certain tasks after that they are obsolete unless they are needed more.
8th if the Indians don't get rid of the British influence from the Tv's and their other places of significance then you will have a small Britain where TN used to be.
9th i feel like a hypocrite writing this from the UK but what i said is true also i will be frequenting your site quite often

Anonymous said...

1) What is wrong with British culture and influence?
2) Indians want to carry on with their culture in Britain and boast about their influence in British society but it is a problem if British culture were to be followed in another country?
3) If you were born to a prostitute, were you born to him or her for a good reason? I think every human being should strive to gain good and erase the bad. If people had rested saying, there is a reason why humans can't fly, we won't have airplanes.
4) People who bark will bark at anything. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. It doesn't mean their opinion is right. That includes me.
5) The biggest problem with South Indians is that they look down at themselves. Perhaps it's the double effect of being ruled by invaders and then colonialism. Dancing is a big part of Punjabi weddings. Everyone from the old to the young. But we have a problem with South Indian ladies dancing... change this rotten perception.
6) Change isn't a bad thing. It's cool that the girl chose to enjoy her wedding rather than stress out over it.

Hey, it's also cool to see you writing more. Hope things are going well for you.


zepion said...

1 nothing it sometimes alienates some of our people so that it may divide and conquer and it has done that for the 3rd sex.
2 that's fine but that's retaining and practicing their culture while keeping your but Indians in India totally forget theirs and convert in some cases.
3 i will totally agree on that one
4 true
5 i know but it's just not that easy you have to have an open mind and i think thats not far away for the most of us and also some of them get stage fright but they do it when they alone and comfrtable with their familys.
6 totally

recently i've had some problems with psychosis and stuff like that so i've had to cut back lots on writing