Monday, January 23, 2012

My loves ;))

I gave myself an awesome birthday gift last month. A trip to Chennai for the music season ;)) 

I was trying to pick the right time to go by waiting for the schedule but finally i decided to just let fate decide and got my tickets first and once again flying on my birthday. I must say flying on your birthday is a lovely experience. Being in two countries on the same day ;p 

Well the flight got delayed three hours and I got to go our temple here before i headed to the airport. Only on the flight I realised there was a cyclone blowing across tamilnadu and Chennai was drenched and hence why the flight was delayed. We landed in the rain on one of my smoothest landings so far - thanks to the crew of Airasia. The rain refused to stop throughout the day and I regretted not bringing my lovely raincoat from Vietnam along and had to buy a worthless one in Chennai. 

Nevertheless i'm gonna post about the main reason I was in Chennai in the first place - to listen to amazing music. ;)

my loves

30 December 2011 

It was raining non stop in Chennai but that didnt stop me from heading to my first concert for the season in Chennai. KJ Jesudass by Bharat Kalachar at Kamaraj Memorial Hall. 

What an awesome way to spend the birthday ;)) 

The hall brought back a lot of memories since i've performed here before ;)

S.R. Mahadeva Sarma (Violin), 
Tiruvarur Bhaktavatsalam (Mrudangam), 
Tripanithura Radhakrishnan (Ghatam)

my loves  my loves

my loves

31 December 2011 

This was hands down the most amazing concert i've heard. My first love TN Seshagopalan in concert. it was absolutely amazingggggggg. He sang about 6 songs but each song was at least 45 minutes and the concert ended at nearly 11 pm ;))) what a way to end the year ;)

the most interesting thing was most of the musicians got stuck in traffic but the hooligan crowds who consisted of useless old folks were shouting disrespectfully. I was seriously gonna get up and scream at them. so TN sir started the concert without the mirdangist. he elaborated the raaga for more than 30 minutes - wow and this was followed by an equal rendition by my fav violinist M. Chandrasekaran. Just as they were about to finish the mirdangist arrived just in time to start the song much to the happiness of TN sir who praised Madurai Meenakshi for her grace. 

How can you not love this man ;))))) 

and those donkeys who made noise - all left after 30 minutes - %*^&^$@#. Seriously this happened in most of the concerts in Chennai. It will start with a house full and then people would leave!! Brilliance is a waste on these ppl. 

M. Chandrasekaran (Violin), 
T.K. Murthy (Mrudangam), 
B. Shree Sundarkumar (Khanjira)  

MFAC Hall, The Mylapore Fine Arts Club, 

Concert review taken from Saroja Ramanujam 

The very first was raga alapana of Poorvikalyani which flowed like the Niagara , with such force and expanse. The krthi was ‘meenakshi me mudham’ of Dhikshithar with the neraval  at ‘madhurapurinilaye,’ with madhurasvara following. The whole exposition was full of maadhurya.

After ‘nenarunchinaanu,’of Thygaraja  in raga maalavi, Sri TNS started a majestic kamboji and the krthi was ‘rathnakanchuka dhaariNi ,’ of HMB.  The neraval –svara sung at the end was inlaid with gems (rathnakanchukam)

BSivaraman and Sundarkumar played an  exuberant thani and Sri TNS sang the verse from kambaramayana, ‘vimminan bharathanum,’ in raga lalitha which brought out the bhava splendidly.
Then came the Kohinoor of the day , the RTP in senchurutti, pallavi and svaras in raga malika. The raga senchirutti made the rasikas wonder how one could take such a raga and make it into an RTP and the raga,  like melted butter, pervaded all the hearts. The pallavi ‘guhaa murugaa shanmukhaa nee vaa kaa vaa kovE ,’ was sung in senchurutti, nadhanamakriyaa, punnagavarali, yaman kalyani, maNirangu and sindhubhairavi, all madhyama sruthi ragas, sung in most exquisite manner leaving the rasikas in ecstasy, feeling that if He is called in such a manner  how could the Lord Muruga possibly fail to come. The changing of ragas in pallavi as well as in svaras was so swift that before on could catch a raga it changed into another and Sri TNS sang them in regular and reverse order in quick short phrases.

The Meerabajan that  followed  was also soul stirring and the way Sri TNS sang it  like a ustad, brought Meera on stage with salangai on her feet and chipla kattai on her hands! The song was reverberating for a long time in the ears after the concert ended. The percussionists provided a suitable support for it in typical Hindustani style.

The concert came to an end with the thiuppugaz ‘vachanmigavEttri maRavaadhe,’ and mangalam. The rasikas would have left the hall thinking ‘what a way to end the year.’! So many remained till 11pm when the concert ended perhaps even wishing that he could continue till the ringing in of the New Year. Any way Sri TNS ushered in the New year by singing ‘wish you a happy New Year’ in sreeraga after sriyaH kanthaaya, the usual ending of all his concerts.

my loves

1 January 2012 

Not getting enough of TN Sir, I ditched the original plan of watching Urmila Satyanaranan dance and headed to the beautiful Tamil Isai Sangam in the middle of nowehere ;p it took me some 15 minutes to get an auto back to the hotel as everyone who came to the concert arrived in cars.  

I walked up to go find the ticket counter and the guy tells me its a free concert and I was like oh okay and he proceeded to give me the fifth row seat ;))) yayyy yep they decided who gets to sit where ;) 

the concert was so beautiful and all were tamil songs as fits the location. seriously the hall was so beautiful both inside and outside ;) 

Delhi Sundararajan on violin, 
RRamesh on mrdhangam 
Sundarkumar on kanjira.

Concert review taken from Saroja Ramanujam 

Concert of Sri Madurai TNSeshagopalan at  Tamiz isai Raja Annamalai manram on 1.1.2012
aparimitha rachanaa kouSalam

The amrthavarshini varnam with which Sri TNS started the concert was composed by him on the spot! Unimaginable! There is no limit for his brilliance! Fortunate are we who are blessed to enjoy his music because to recognize  a chinthamani  the grace of God is required. The music of Sri TNS is like chinthamani in providing whatever one looks forward as a rasika.Sri TNS was accompanied by Delhi Sundararajan on violin, RRamesh on mrdhangam and Sundarkumar on kanjira.

After the varnam Sri TNS sang the thiruppavai, ‘nayakanaai ninRa’ in nayaki and this was followed by exquisite  panthuvarali  and excerpt from Manonmaneeyam which he explained as thamizthaai vaaztthu in panthuvarali. Neraval -svara was sung at ‘uLLam elllaam kalai veLLatthaal nanaindhe ,’ which aptly described the feeling of the rasikas on hearing it.

The next was a brief sahana with the arutpaa ‘appaa naan vEndudhal kEttu arutpuridhal vEndum.’ This was followed by the GKB krthi ‘ennEramum undhan,’ in devagandhari.

Then came two rasikas’ favourites,  ‘aNNalum nokkinaan,’ in hameer kalyani  from Kambaramayana and ‘Ramanukku mannan mudi,’ in hindolam from Ramanatakam. The visual presentation through music in both are always delightful. The nOkku of Rama and Seetha differentiated and the words ‘kaNnodu kaNNinai kavvi,’  the bhava of which portrayed in various ways of singing it, are to be heard to appreciate it fully.

After this there were two unheard of pieces ( at least by me) one in kedaragoula with words ‘padma peedatthil mutthukkumaran’ and another , a composition of mutthuramalinga sethupathi  in yadukula kamboji.

The main attraction was however the RTP in sindhubharavi and navaneetham. The sindhubhairavi was a real sindhu, an ocean. Combining it with navaneetham, a prathimadhyama, that too a vivadhi raga in RTP is possible only by TNS! The pallavi had words ‘veNNai thinna china thanamaa,(Sindhubhairavi) navaneetha naatyamaa( navaneetham) . The svara in the two ragas alternating with the two lines of pallavi was something unimaginable. The rasikas were really fortunate to have ended the old year and also started the new year with the inimitable unparalleled music  of Sri TNS
Delhi sundararajan gave a good support on the violin and Ramesh and Sundarkumar excelled in percussion.

The next two days were spent travelling to Thiruvannamalai and Kanchipuram. I came back for my cousins performance in Chennai on 4 January 2012. 


4 January 2012
Temple of Fine Arts, Kuala Lumpur in Chennai 

Of course I couldnt miss my cousins performance but I nearly did because it was scheduled for much earlier. Somehow I managed to find out in time and rushed to the hall in a span of 1 hour which included getting back to the hotel and changing ;p 

The singer Nandakumar Unnikrishnan sir is a brilliant singer and a regular artiste for the performances in KL. So it was also a beautiful treat to the ears. ;) 

The rest of the photos can be seen here

my loves

4 January 2012 

My second love Rajesh Vaidhya on the veena. 

i nearly missed watching this amazing concert as my cousin was supposed to perform at the same time. turns out her performance was much earlier and I caught the next auto to the temple. 

it was the eve of Vaikunda Ekadesi and Triplicane Partasarathy temple was surrounded by cops in preparation of the crowds from midnight onwards. This was probably the most beautiful concert I've seen as it was held outdoors under the moonlight and shade of a huge beautiful tree lit up with lights. I kept smilling and looking at the musicians the tree and the moon which was right above me in between leaves ;p 

I have videos of this concert - will post it up as soon as I find time ;) 

the raavan on veena created magic as his hands glided expertly and at break neck speed with his trademark smile. Best part of all was the playing of Bharathiyars beautiful songs which was so apt as his memorial house was just next door! 

i think he played all my fav songs from Boh Sambho to chinan Chiru pen pohle, China Chiru Killiyeh and so on one after the other. 

I think these were the musicians - sorry i have bad memory 
Karukurichi N. Mohanram (Mrudangam), 
D. Chandrajit (Tabla), 
N. Subramanian (Ghatam)

my loves

my loves  my loves

Craving for bhajji on the beach i skipped the 5th and headed to the beach ;)) 

my loves

6 January 2012

I first listened to Sikhil Gurucharan sir at a photo exhibition here in KL and since have been a fan of his. 

Delhi P. Sundararajan (Violin), 
Umayalpuram K. Sivaraman (Mrudangam) 
Rama Rao Kala Mantap, (Nungambakkam Cultural Academy)

my loves

7 January 2012

I began at Kamaraj and ended there as well with another Rajesh Vaidhya concert. Again brilliance at its best ;))) 

My second love Rajesh Vaidhya on the veena. This was a fushion concert and was the start of a series of concerts. Brilliant stuff as usual. Beautiful songs from his latest album including one named expresso in kaapi raagam  after a coffee session in coffee day ;p 

I think these were the musicians - sorry i have bad memory but this was a brilliant team especially the mirdangist.  
Karukurichi N. Mohanram (Mrudangam), 
D. Chandrajit (Tabla), 
N. Subramanian (Ghatam)

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