Friday, December 16, 2011


People often tell me the silliest things. Oh you’ve got so much money, no responsibilities and you can do whatever you want whenever you want.

Sometimes I smile sometimes I get annoyed truth us I want to tell them.

All I want to tell them is I challenge you to live one day of my life in each of my 31years! For only then you’ll know what all I’ve done to achieve and be someone.

To be a dancer and singer I sacrificed every single Saturday Sunday of my life since I was 8 till 25 years old to go for classes. When we were old enough to take the bus we used to sit 3 hours in a bus to get to class every weekend!

To be the writer and employee in the position I am today, I’ve spent countless of hours working late, working weekends, working to hit my deadlines just so I can go on holiday and gone through the craziest people and situations.

To become the artist/photographer I am today I have sacrificed so much time, money, health and more just to become good at what I do.

Its 2 in the morning and I’ve just finished my own work for the day after working the whole day at the office till 8pm. I don’t have weekends, I work most of them, either I’m editing or shooting. To go for one of my holidays I have to work non stop so I can finish all my deadlines.

So it amazes me when ppl think my life is easy. Yes it is much more easier financially now but work wise this is the busiest ive ever been and the most tired I’ve gotten.
No one gets living in your means, everyone wants the latest gadjet, the branded clothes this and that but no one wants to work for it. I have only lived within the boundaries of my own financial limits. I used the same old phone for 6 years before I finally change it. I now use the cheapest phone on the market simply because smart phones are too expensive and not worth the money and the packages are daylight robbery. Instead because I needed to be in constant contact with people, I got the ipad which I saved money for and got the cheapest 3g package.

I am a bloody proud cheapskate, I buy stuff on bargains, I know the best deals and would have done enough research to get them. I upgraded my pc in stages using the same monitor for some 7, 8 years till it finally died on me and only upgrading the hardware and software when ever needed. I don’t believe in brands unless its electronics that too I wouldn’t buy a brand if they’re overpriced no matter what the fanboys say.

I started working in the height of recession in 2001 for a super small salary and I still managed to make ends meet and no I did not live off my parents. Heck I’ve been supporting myself and more since then even after my dad passed on. I never got a bonus in my life till 2004 that too it was a basic one. Every single thing ive purchased or spent has been in cash so that I don’t have to borrow from anyone. I used to say every single sen I could to get them and that’s how I bought my first camera.

I saved money to go on holidays. I don’t drink not just coz I don’t like the taste, simply because its such a waste of money. I don’t gamble, I don’t smoke, I eat when needed, I buy whats necessary.

I’ve lived a frugal, hardworking but happy and wonderful life for I posses the most important thing I am satisfied with whatever I have at that moment. I aspire to be more but I have never wanted what others have and that has made all the difference.
Stop spending on unnecessary stuff, don’t buy big amounts on credit, pay up your credit card bills but not if it means you don’t eat but party like crazy. Have a balanced life.
So stop telling people oh you have so much and learn to live in your means.

I never was crazy rich and still am not but I am one bloody hardworking person who knows how to live within her means.

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