Friday, December 30, 2011

32 ;)

Thats gonna sound scandalicious in a few years heheh. So here i am awake for my 6 am flight only to find out its been delayed 3 hours. So i thought might as well post the birthday post. A month ago i discovered that my passport photo today looks much younger than the one taken 5 years back. Illusion? Nah being at peace with urself n being able to make urself happy without wanting someone else to make u happy sure helps. Travelling on the bday is one of those things ive decided to do as what more can give myself than the joy of doing what i love ;)) Life is To be lived as fully as possible. Be proud of your choices, stand up for your rights and most importantly live your life. ;))) V-Eyez Imagery My photography blog V-Eyez Imagery on Facebook


Suresh Nair said...

Great Attitude!

Sitiaishah aka anasalwa said...

Totally agreed with you. Nothing can beat unconditional self-acceptance and be at peace with ourselves. Happy belated birthday.

Visithra said...

suresh ;) thanks

ana - thanks for the wish and yes nothing beats self acceptance