Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tsunami - the dance

Early this year I was inspired to dance after watching a show. At first it was going to be a solo piece and as I was thinking of what to do, anger became the focus of my emotions. As I was looking for a story it slowly dawned on me to do Tsunami from the view point of mother nature. What started out as a solo piece became bigger and bigger and finally emerged as a group dance.

Tsunami starts with the evolution of mankind as mother nature dances and guides the birth of humankind. After a full cycle of life where she guides them, she returns to her meditative state. For a while they follow her path and soon they break away to create chaos in the world. We cut trees for no reason, we hunt animals for the joy of it and we kill our own people for greed and power. 

Each time we do this, we are hurting mother nature herself and soon she boils in anger, anguished by the pain of seeing her own dead she erupts into the Tsunami.

Chaos reigns as mother nature terrorises land with her waves. As fast as it started it suddenly ends and she returns to her meditation only for the cycle to continue.

Choreographer and Dancer - Visithra Manikam



Music: AR Rahman
Mixed by: Aravind AM, Chennai
Video by Jasnita 

'Tsunami' was performed at KLPACs Short & Sweet: Dance from 12 - 15 October 2011 at Pentas 2, KLPAC, Malaysia.

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sabrina said...

Loved it babes! Wish i could have made it

Visithra said...

thanks dear - they might be a next time ;)