Monday, September 12, 2011

Yesterday was 9/11.

I wanted to write something but my Facebook Feed was filled with mixed messages, the usual racists buggers spewing hatred and the usual ones posting memorial messages.

Yes I have racists buggers as friends. Definitely not my close friends, it’s just I haven’t come to the point of telling them off. I’m legendary with the people I tell off and no I’ve not regretted it. Life’s really peaceful nowadays after being liberated from them.

It’s been 10 years but I know the pain is unbearable for many, the memories unforgettable.

Here I am, a so called non affected person but I can remember every single thing I did in those two days. I can remember watching that man fall to his death, I can remember watching the building fall, I can remember feeling the pain of sensing the death of so many. I can remember looking through every single image the media spewed.

I don’t care which side you are on, I don’t care who you support, I don’t care of the politics behind it, people lost their lives both on that day and the war that commenced in retaliation.

Why is this 10 years relevant? Coz life has not been the same since. The airport securities, the reverse hatred, generations who grew up hating another religion just coz they placed their emotions above rational, a generation of Muslim children grew up being taunted by people, families were displaced, a decade of sadness for many, the fact that nearly every country in the world had lost a citizen that day.
The Star ran a story about Muslim children who grew up in the wrong decade.

We lost three Malaysians that day. Who could forget the story of Vijayashanker who could have escaped had he not returned to help his boss.

I have friends whose parents were supposed to have been on one of the doomed flights. That day thought us that life is not about rushing through, life is to be lived and if you’re late or you miss a flight it’s not the end of the world it could have just been a blessing in disguise.

But it’s today that personally affects me. I used to work next to the Petronas twin towers. One of the most beautiful sights in KL, I never get sick of looking at it or photographing it. Imagine not having it in our skyline anymore, today 10 years ago it could have happened.

The next day after watching a repeat of the nights events I headed to the office solemn and still in disbelief of the events that had unfolded.

Sometime later we noticed people walking out of the twin towers towards us. It took us sometime to realise that there was a bomb scare at the Petronas twin Towers. We looked at each other, not a word was spoken and we continued staring at the PC. I knew no one was working as everyone was scared of what might happen. I remembered smsing my then bf and telling him to come online. That’s when I told him what was happening and that I was scared.

He was the only one who knew how scared I was. I called home just to talk but never said a thing. Everyone was still in shock at home from yesterday. I sat there praying and hoping today wouldn’t be my last day and it would just be a bomb scare.

Thank god it had been just that. Did life go back to normal?

Not really, 10 years down the road my heart still beats frantically for what could have been.

So imagine what those who were there on 9/11 feel today.

No matter where we were, it affected all of us.

God bless the souls that were lost and the families who are still at lost. 

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ashok said...

Hope nd pray we will not see another 9/11