Thursday, July 07, 2011

I needed to sing

It had been a long day (and it was only mid day). It was one of those days when I needed my space.

I needed my stress outlets. Just as I was heading out for lunch alone (stress outlet 1) my dancer friend emails me this sweet mail and there begins the smile of happiness. The power of words is unbelievable. You need to feel it to understand.

I spent lunch messaging her and slowly I was out and relaxed but my soul needed something. I knew I needed to sing. Most of all I knew I needed to sing for her – this one song. I just knew she would be able to dance to it.

So I asked – wanna bring Shiva?

It was a resounding yes and my soul smiled a bit in anticipation.

The next few hours flew right pass as I drowned into work, before I knew it, it was already pass eight and I needed my ceaser salad. (I have a thing for them). I had been at work for more than 12 hours.

I’d been to the café before or so I thought. I drove straight there to find it missing. Google map didn’t help either and before I knew it 40 mins had passed. I tried the map again, this time it pointed me to the direction of a road I had been before and there it was the café I was looking for.

It couldn’t be coincidence, and I knew later I was meant to be late.

I walked in to find my friend dancing but I needed a drink. Our drummer boy was missing and at first I was apprehensive. Did I really want to do this? Can I back out?

As I sipped the drink it became clear to me we didn’t need the drum, just the beat of my bangle tapped in rhythm to the song.

Bho shambo siva shambo shyambo

I started softly and was probably heard by the dancer only. She was dancing with fire and we were slowly merging. The song got louder as the melody intensified. The fire was put out and its place the dance and music began to merge in a fiery rise.

That’s when the café went silent and the music got louder and stronger. The vibrations grew stronger and stronger thimita thimita thimi thimikida kida thom

By the end of the song I could feel it in my bones. I gently brought it back to the beginning pallavi
Bho shambo siva shambo shyambo

And then we were done.

And now at 1 am I’m wide awake, still on my music high, soul energised and mind drowning in creative juice.

Shiva came in the glory of Raaga Revati – to the sounds of bangles and the sway of the eternal dance.

Bho shambo siva shambo shyambo

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