Saturday, January 08, 2011

RIP Bill

Dear Bill

I don’t know you, neither would most of the people who would someday read this letter you have left behind.

i understand how the darkness had taken over your life. The whole world might criticise your actions but the truth is very few people understand the severity of sexual abuse. It isn’t about how severe the actions were or if it were only words or taunts or molest, abuse is still abuse regardless of its form because it toys with emotions, trust and leaves people entirely changed never to be the same. It is taxing emotionally and it leaves scares so deep, most people like you are unable to escape the hands of that darkness only they can understand.

I hope your letter will help thousands of people out there who battle with trust and their emotions daily never knowing who to trust or how to escape. I wish you had found someone you could trust enough to talk. The truth is it would have helped you heal if only one person believed you enough to trust and listen to you. But the truth is it is nearly impossible to trust anyone. I understand why you felt you were unable to share with anyone, coz people can be such nasty idiots who would use that information against you.

I hope you finally found peace.

Read his letter, I hope it helps the thousands of victims out there who live in the darkness not knowing what to do. I hope you find someone you trust who will listen and believe in you, for that’s the only way you can escape the darkness. RIP Bill Geller.

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