Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thalaiva rocks!

This is such a long overdue post - just haven't had time.

Now most of you who know me and who haven’t been teasing me mercilessly during the 2 weeks I was in Vietnam must be wandering where’s the much awaited post.

Let’s just say I’m been caught up with work, more work and life.

During the launch I had made sure and prayed the dates wouldn’t coincide with my trip. Unfortunately for me the movie gods had other ideas, they changed the release date 3 times and I ended up being in Vietnam when they launched Endhiran.


Now that I have screamed my heart out, I can continue writing. That was not the only thing I missed coz, the company was also having its annual dinner on the same date. Humm wonder what I would have done? 

Actually I probably would have caught and early show (since we got half the day off) and headed for the dinner ;p hehe

I actually wanted to write this after my second watch but I just haven’t had the time!

My dearest darling friends who I once loved but for a period of a week I hated, spent the whole 2 weeks I was there teasing me with visuals, words and boasting information on the tickets they had and such! Imagine being away and already pinning to watch the movie and getting all this! Bah I totally dislike all of you! I’m serious! ;p

Anyway I got back and stayed off the internet before I headed for the movie. Wow wow wow I absolutely loved it!

Thalaivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you rocked!

The movie was amazing. Rajni was beyond words superb. Wow I loved everything about the movie except for Aiswarya. This is probably the only movie I’ve hated her performance. More on that later.

I had such a light bulb moment when I finally realised one of the lines for Kadhal annukal said Sen thenil wasabi...... hehehe who’s the Japanese food addict! Or were they adding it in coz of Rajnis popularity in Japan?

I loved how he looked in the beginning, older and more subdued with his long messy hair. I was a tad bit disappointed it was a quite introduction to Thalaiva but it suited the movie so it was fine for me. But the music added to the scene and I just loved it. OK I loved all the songs especially Irumbileh or idhayam and Boom Boom robo da ;p

The lyrics of the songs are just amazing like – brilliant work!

yen thandai mozhili thamizh allava ;p
Irumbileh or idhayam
Sen thenil wasabi

Rajni played three different characters superbly, as the nerdy scientist, the robo Chiti and the villainous side of Chiti. I was always a huge fan of Rajni as a villain so you can imagine how excited I was. The ranguski scene was priceless; p I liked seeing robo do all the dance scenes.

I think if any other actor had done this movie they would have overdone some of the characters, Rajni put in the right dosage of oomph for all three characters. His villain side being my favourite.

I loved the ideas that were in the script, the cloning the way the villain kept finding ways to win. The final scene – I don’t think I’ve seen those in an sci-fi movie.

Now madam Aiswarya looked so old and overly made up. Plus err her acting and dancing was just too freakish. I liked her in Raavan but in this she was just bad n seriously she is a good dancer but she was awful in this movie. Such a pain to watch. ooh but checkout the women dancing behind her - wow such beautiful ladies ;)

 Anyway I really need to go watch again ;p I’m dying to go but sigh time is not on my side.
I’m truly impressed with the movie in all angles – kudos to the team and as usual thalaivar rocks ;p

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Anonymous said...

Some can't stand Aish, some can't stand Rajini. Can't stand watching Rajini on screen... did you notice how his voice shows age in Sivaji?

Thaatha or Thalaiva, please retire into mature roles...


Visithra said...

ah u have landed at the wrong place to complain about him - i love him to bits n he is a brilliant actor regardless of age - no i was to busy drooling over him - n i n his million fans would be devastated if he stopped acting