Sunday, August 01, 2010


Where should I start?

Should I start on the fact that I somehow was standing inches away from him or the fact that I got to go to the launch by luck??? 


When they announced that Endhirans launch was going to be in Malaysia, I started looking around for tickets. I had whispers of offers here n there but nothing permanent. So by Saturday I was still hopeful but nearly giving up that I won’t be able to go. Still i made sure i made no plans for Saturday night. I think all the positive thinking must have turned into luck or god just decided i should always have thalaiva luck ;p 

Remember i got tickets to go watch the movie launch of Chandramuki in Colisuem in 2005 just by waiting at the theatre though I ended up there by accident.

Most of you would know how crazy i am about Rajni. I mean the man is the epitome of style and humility how can you not love him!!! (Kamal fans stay away ok ;p)

Anyway around 1 pm a friend of mine calls for photo tips, since she was heading to the show. I was like omg omg ure going?? I’m so jealous!!!! I’ve been looking for tickets and so on ;p you know normal vaitherucals pohlamburanings ;p

Anyway at the end of the conversation i told her have fun and if by any luck she has tickets call me i’ll run to PICC (that’s where the event was). I put the phone down and just screamed in the car – i wanna go tooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ;p

Around 3.30ish while I was in a meeting with a prospective project manager (that’s good news too – I’m so happy i got the green light, now i just need to plan everything), when my phone starts buzzing, and somehow I only remembered my friend (alppa asai I was wishing she would call).

Just as I was walking out the phone rings again and it was her!!!  And if you guessed tickets!! Yee hawwwwwwww she had 1 ticket for meeeeeeeee. Omg Omg I don’t think I can thank her enoughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

So I rushed out, rushed to KL Convention Centre, saw my photos on exhibition (will write on this later), took some photos, and walked out to rush back home. Got dressed in a saree (it’s a launch you have to look good!!) and rushed to PICC. I reach there to find myself the only one in a saree ( i was super early ;p) and I was like err hello ppl its a launch. Thank fully soon ppl started arriving in sarees. I mean at least dress up properly la – you should never go to a formal event in t-shirts or Bermuda shorts. 

Some places will actually kick you out! Go try that at Petronas philharmonic hall and Istana Budaya – heh they will kick you out no matter how expensive your ticket is ;p

I had no idea where I was sititing, or what seats all i know i was going to be at the launch! I hadn’t taken my camera coz they ticket said no cameras but everyone turned up with cameras n no one was checked- what the hell! Grr stupid Astro.

Our seats turned out to be just awesome, right before the VVIP seats and in front of the launch podium. So we got to see everyone pretty close and everytime they walked in they had to pass us. ;p

The crowd went crazy when they saw Rajini and Rahman arrive on the red carpet. Wowwwww
Punnagai poo geetha was as annoying as usual. I was pretty surprised to see Simbu, coz I always assumed he was shorter and smaller, i must say he did look super cute and he did a marvellous job dancing on stage, he was even joined by ramya Krishnan.

Besides the many goof ups on Astros sides everything was pretty entertaining expect for some long winded speeches by Radha ravi and Vijays father. The best speech was by the treasurer dude from the South Indian actors association, he came up said a few words and left to thunderous applause from the crowd.

Viveks jokes were awesome, so was vadivelu, karunas and the other dude i cannot remember at the moment. I love the tribute they had for Rahman with clips of him accepting his Oscars included with the most famous line in history – ehla pugalum iraivahnukeh.

I loved his speech, the simple man as usual said a few lovely words and a personal story on his daughters involvement in one of the songs. Shankar was lovely thanking everyone including his crew. But of course i was just waiting to see Rajni on stage. Throughout the show we had a good view of his reactions to the performances, somehow we were sitting in such an angle we could see him clearly. He really enjoyed the performances, viveks jokes and the shaolin monks. I think we were watching him more than the performances ;p

Did I tell you I met yogi B again, the crowd went wild when Shankar mentioned him in his speech. I was just waiting for a mention of Yogi B – he is like our best export. Plus the mans super nice, I had a long chat with him a few years ago ;p

Vairamuthus beautiful tamil was amazing as usual.

You know what I love about Rajni, that style in his movies, its not fake, its not made belief, it is precisely him. You have this old man, with balding head (yes yes i think rajni is hot even when he is bald ;p), but still looking pretty good and lean. What amazes me is the way he sits and enjoys the show with style, they way he strutted on stage and stood on his trademark one leg slant – omg so much style. And that laugh – wowwwwwww. And such humility, i loved the way he praised Rahman whom he called a saint. It was just brilliant, anyday, anytime i will always be a crazy fan of Rajni.

I cannot wait for the movie, the trailer was amazing , and the songs were pretty good, i loved arima and kadhal annukal. Like I said I wasn’t really concentrating on the performances.

Astro really screwed up the launch, there was so many technical glitches, i mean if you wanna bicker with each other, try not to include the audience im sure theres a mute button somewhere! We could here every single nonsense bickering throughout the show! And protocols, did you forget to plan a route for them to go to the loo? And where were the guards, there was this bunch of kids from the same family who went right up to rajini and stood in front of him during the show to take photos, and the stupid family was so proud of it. 

The kids kept doing the same things. I mean hello teach your kids some manners please! Where was security then? And did you forget to plan a proper escape route after the show? I mean you practically hearded them onto the stage like goats in such a rude way? I mean who hired the dude who cant even speak proper English??? ( elo you you come up come up! ) Seriously AStro you just embarrassed the nationla. Thankfully Rajni is a gem and he just smiled throughout – i would say he was quite delighted with the fans.

Unless for a few idiots the fans were pretty well behaved.  Vairamuthu even praised us for our behaviour, he said he had never seen fans who clapped at all the right moments, and remained silent when was necessary. Besides one dude sitting behind us who kept trying to get everyones attention, everyone was pretty well behaved.

So event ends and the starts leave the hall i said goodbye to my friend and my way out. Since i was alone i didin’t want to be in the building alone for too long so i decided to take the lift out when i saw it open as i was exiting the hall. Now here’s where lady luck smiles at me again. We reach the concourse floor and find ourselves locked, so we head back to G floor to try and get out. There i find my friends again and none other than a bunch of stars coming down the stairs with security. Now when i saw a lady in red i assumed it was Ramya, so i waited to check her out up close. Seconds later i stood stunned coz actually Rajni was coming down the excalater with his daughters. Omg i was so stunned i froze and just stood there gawking only after he passed – i meekly said Rajni sir (damn of all times to lose my voice!!! Slaps self). 

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa he was so close and still smilling. He just really enjoyed being with the fans!
So as you can see I was in cloud nine, i just blurly walked behind him to the main area to see him leave the hall. I then had to find a way how to get out of the building by walking around alone. Shit that was scary – lol the things i do! I finally found my way back to the car and left and headed straight to my favourite mamak (hawker stall) near home and the anne immediately asked (seeing me grinning non stop) “did you just come back from the launch??”

So while he was cooking my food ( i was so hungryyyyyyyy) i told him everything ;p

I’ve met both Rahman and Rajni on one night!

Thailaivasssssssssssssssssssssssss you rock ;p

Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can’t wait for September!

Moral of the story positive thinking works and never give up! ;p

ps: my dear friend - thank you thank you thank you ;p

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sabrina said...

LOL!!! Good for you babes! I must admit i am a huge kamal fan myself (please dont kill me!) but i do love watching rajni's movie's as well :p

Oh and would have loved to see a pixx of u in that saree....

Visithra said...

saby - aww i like kamal too i just dont like most of his fans ;p

theyre always abusing other actors fans

oooh saree photo will be uploading it to fb but not here ;p will send ya otherwise ;p

Suresh Nair said...

Great Narrative/Commentary. Astro should employ you as their advisor.

Anonymous said... experience.


Visithra said...

suresh : lol ppl who freeze dont make good commentors ;p plus i tend to keep an arms length away from them ;)

anon : yes it was ;p

ashok said...

u seem really exited!

geeth said...

Great that you were able to be there. I wanted so much to go.. but no babysitters.. and of course, TICKETS. You're lucky!
Love your whole story too :)

Visithra said...

ashok : heheh of course its rajni!

geeth : awww lets hope theres another time ;p thanks ;p

sabrina said...

YES! YES! Send to me! You know my email addie :)

Visithra said...

hehehe alrighty ;p

Unicorn Girl said...

Lucky you gurl !

Visithra said...

thanks ;p