Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Usher! Usher! Usher!

That was the mood in the office for a week when I decided there was no way I was missing his concert. 2 colleagues jumped on the bandwagon and 4 of us were set to head for the concert. One of them was going Usher! Usher! Usher! For the whole week so we joined in for the heck of it. Okay I admit it was super fun. Then our boss brought a cd of his songs to loop on the day of the concert. Yeah the mood was electrifying in the office.

Anyway I was supposed to take the train to the concert just to miss the jam, plus I needed to come back to KL to drop the gals. But the rain played havoc, it was actually freezing on the day of the concert and then I heard the train station at Bukit Jalil was flooded. So we ditched all plans and we decided to rely on my super driving capabilities. Surprisingly besides the usual jam it was pretty clear and there was ample parking at the stadium.
The concert was the bomb. He was really an awesome performer but unbelievably naughty. Let’s just say he was strutting around ;p

Anyway the 4 of us were a bunch of screaming and non-stop dancing fans. Plus we had really good seats at the centre of the stadium from the top. Since we walked in we kinda got on the bad side of this family sitting in front of us. I mean we’re at a concert you’re supposed to jump around and scream. The moment we walked in screaming usher, usher, the family of 4, 2 teenagers and 2 mothers crinkled their nose at us and moved away. 

As far as I knew it was a pretty full concert so I told the rest wait they’ll have to move back ;p As I had predicted they had to move back and gave us a look again only to have all four of us burst out laughing.

We had so much fun screaming our heads off. Next up we’re heading to Slash’s concert ;p
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Anonymous said...

Hmm...wonder where the post from that family will be:-)

But agreed, a concert by Usher is not for people who like to sit back and listen. Wonder why people don't get that...

I mean, an Ilayaraja concert is going to be a very mild affair, audience response-wise and that's what he wants. Rahman wants the audience to dance. There is a difference. But I totally loved the DVD of Ilayaraja's Chennai Concert done for Jaya TV.

- kajan

Visithra said...

heheh probably on the lines of - there was a bunch of noisemakers sitting behind us n annoying us ;p

lol i have no idea - u have to go out n have fun or dont n get his cd n watch at home

most live concerts are fun ;)