Saturday, July 03, 2010

Sigh :((

Sighh I really really have tears in my eyes - my samba boys are out :(((((((((((( yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

though i had a feeling this would happen - they played such a gd first half - sighhh


it was a gd game though

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sabrina said...

Sorry certainly was such a shocker! They played amazing footie in the first half but god alone knows what happened in the second half. Although to be fair i thot the netherland dudes were brutes!

Anyway now u can join me and support argentina :p

Visithra said...

they lost their cool in the 2nd half - they never lose it - n thats what screwed them up - bloody nonsense - yes they were terrible - n ref kept excusing it

heheh will be supporting ze jermans - work for them la ;p