Saturday, July 03, 2010


Now that I’m done sulking and being devastated. Let’s take a look at the game.

It was a good game in terms of excitement, nerve wrecking moments and such but to say Netherlands ousted the Brazilians because they were great– that I cannot accept. They won coz Brazil was careless in missing all those goals in the first half, careless in the second half, a confused wreck after that own goal and for taking it for granted after the disappointing performance of the dutch in the 1st half.  

We scored an own goal coz of a misunderstanding by the goalie n player – arg. We were wrecks in the second half after that goal and worst of all we gave up after that second goal. Which is so sad, we were all still rooting for you guys.

Felipe Melo deserved a red card – what the heck was he doing stamping the other guy! How stupid was he to jeopardise the team. There was just too much anger and frustration – something alien to a  team that usually never gives up. The dutch were good and suddenly sprang into life after that bloody own goal but were pretty crap before that.

The Dutch were lucky, they were playing against a stumbling careless nervy team in the second half. Gone were the calculated moves. They lost their cool and lost the game to a team full of dirty tactics and slides.
I’ll accept the defeat but I refuse to accept that the Dutch were great. We were just plain stupid on the field! Sigh

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sabrina said...

Yes they did start getting very careless....and things were just getting rough and nasty la...really thought a fist-fight was gonna break out!

I cant believe u are gonna support the must stay away from the dark side!!!

Visithra said...

yeah so many times i thought theyll all start a wrestling match instead

oh well none of our teams made it sigh